Day 27: Morenike

I haven’t written anything in eons so please bear with me!

Going into 2017, I didn’t have plans. I was just going to wing it and see how everything went.
Somehow along the way, I ended up doing a lot of things for the first time.
For the very first time in my life, I took my physical health seriously. I enrolled in a gym (which earns me a lot of eye rolling because according to people, “skinny” girls like me don’t belong in a gym). It was hellish at first but my body became gradually used to it. Now I love to exercise. I also decided to take care of my body more meaning dental exams and procedure that I’ve been putting off since forever, being purposeful about what I’m ingesting and all.

2017 was such a year of learning for me. Still no Master’s degree, but I started and finished an online course (yaay me!) on gender studies. I also realized that I have found my niche in life, which is centered on helping to make Nigeria better for women and girls. Being passionate about this makes me actually enjoy my work and it feels less like a job.
I also visited new states in 2017. Went to the North East for the first time and it was such an eye opener! Hoping to do more Nigerian states next year and hopefully leave the country for the first time too. I read something about purposeful living so guess who has applied for a passport because she is very sure she will travel next year?

Started the year in a relationship but ending single. This makes me happy and sad because I genuinely thought I had found the one. A big lesson I’m taking away from my experience is to trust my instinct, always. If it don’t feel right from the beginning, don’t force it.
Lastly, I did things I’ve always wanted to do but never had the courage for. One of them is piercings. I got two, baby! Painful as hell but totally worth it.
I would be doing a disservice to my niggas if I didn’t mention how much they helped me through the year. One of us got hitched and added another person to the crew (yaaay). They’re always there to talk sense into me, be my sounding board for ideas, bully me, tease and compliment me, and always ensure my safety.
Can’t wait to be celebrating 10 years of friendship with you guys.

I am genuinely excited for the new year. Bring it on 2018!

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