Day 26: Deola Shomo

Today, I am privileged to see what it’s like to be 29 even though it feels like I have been an adult forever. But if there is one thing I am grateful for, it is that hope is always on the horizon, I just have to reach for it.

I started the year homeless, broke, sad and illegally single (still am but who’s going to check me though?). The year before had been extremely stressful for me and I couldn’t fathom why all these things were happening to me but these experiences have formed the core of who I am going to be.

I have always lived without a plan and I’m utterly bemused by this truth because I love to plan but when it comes to my life? Not so much! In actual fact, history has shown that I almost always ride the waves. This year was different though, I had one plan: starting over.

This year I was intentional about everything even the seemingly stupid things. I went from being miserably married to sensationally single. This is the longest I have done life without dating since I discovered boys and it was difficult, but it was also vital to my starting over plan; a fresh slate has no drawings. Apparently, being an active spouse takes up A LOT of your time, I just realized that after doing my work and parenting my children, I still had all this free time doing nothing. So instead of sending ‘hey big head’ texts, I redirected the focus to my career and personal development.

Honestly, I don’t know what shape my career is going to take in 2018 because I plan to make a few drastic changes but I got a long awaited promotion this year and it felt good for all of two weeks and then I went right back to wanting more out of life. I also registered my translation company this year and my brain literally wants to explode from the excitement bubbling within.

Personal development was a big hit this year!  I actively sought out ways to improve myself, acquired certain skills and read as much as I could. I put myself first this year and it’s a wonder how I have lived for so long without doing this. I took the quote ‘you cannot draw from an empty well’ very personally so I only gave of myself when I was certain my mental health or well-being would not be threatened.

Being a ‘nice’ person lost its premium on me this year as I’m done letting people or things happen to me without my express approval. I’d rather be a kind person and there’s nothing kind about letting people walk all over me, how can I show kindness to others if I can’t start with myself?

I also returned to my first love, writing, and it has aided the healing process.

My children and I were immensely blessed by the kindness of strangers and friends and I tried to pay it forward as much as I could. Next year will definitely be an improvement. I also want to give more of myself to people who are in need of whatever I have to offer so I plan to do a lot of volunteering in 2018

2017 wasn’t without its downs but they seem so insignificant because I can’t remember any one long enough to write about it.

When the year started, all I wanted was peace, a sound mind and untainted joy and it pleases me to note that I got what I wanted.

This year, I started over and lived without pressure so cheers to a LIT 2018!



Adeola Oyeshomo

Adult in reality, kid at heart. I do not like surprises.

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