Day 24: Shade

2015 has basically been slow.  Slow in business,  slow in achieving the goals I set for myself…..just slow.

I made up my mind to challenge myself, and boy did I challenge my self!  In fitness and diet, I achieved a couple of feats and that made me and my mother so proud *hugs self*.

My daughter got into SS1 in September I looked at myself like “na me be this?”  I mean, this pikin of yesterday don turn madam like play like play. Next thing you know, she will be asking for money for Waec and Jamb exam. Haha. God is good I swear.

Most part of 2015 seemed really blurry and uneventful until that fateful Sunday morning on the 1st of November when in my sleep I heard my mum scream “Jesus! Where?”  I jumped out of bed and saw her shaking. My mum can panic for the whole Africa, and the Middle East.  Knowing this, and hearing the things she was saying on the phone, I had to hold her to sit down, took the phone from her, made some calls,  and got dressed.

We were heading to Mowe.
There had been an accident.
Her 30,000 litres of vegetable oil coming in from Ibadan had been in an accident at Mowe!


I pride myself in being strong, but on this day every strength in me caved in!  Every nerve, muscle, drop of blood was in pain. All the way from Lagos to Mowe, in the bus,  I was crying uncontrollably.

Maybe this story would not be complete if I don’t start from ‘the real beginning’

Six years ago, mum came home one day looking very worried and I knew there was trouble.  She went on to tell us how she had lost money in business and the bank was breathing down her neck. Long story short, we sold the house and a few other things and moved to our present location. This was 5 years ago…..and she had not recovered.


Do you know how it feels like to watch your mum grow 20 years older in less than 24 hours?? It was very heartbreaking, but in all things, we are still giving thanks. Amen somebody.

Mum is better now, thank God. An amazingly strong woman she is.

2015 has taught me that sometimes my loyalty don’t mean shit. But brethren…we move. Two things I’m truly thankful for – I developed friendship with two people. I do not have a lot of close friends, so this is kind of a big deal. Secondly, I did one of the trainings I promised myself I was going to do. One more stream of income in 2016!

I’ve had more depressing moments this year than I can remember. Sometimes, just sitting and ‘crying’ no tears, but crying still. But then I play Ebezina by Priye and I forget the little things that I lack. In all, I’m not ungrateful, that why I wake up every morning and never forget to say Thank you Jesus!

Here I am standing on the word of God and already seeing a better 2016.

PS- I still never get that 6 packs wey I don dey target for like two years. *cries in big belle*


Shade!!!! You didn’t say anything about love life and seizing the bae this year o. What are you hiding from us? Ehn? 

Daughter, mother, granny. Your trio of generational love is always something beautiful to watch. And we love your Christmas eve photo shoots! Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings and promotion in 2016!

Folashade Ishola

A little sunshine on a cloudy day


  • mma says:

    God bless you, Shade. I liked reading this

  • Omofola says:

    Ebezina is a beautiful song that has helped me too in trying times . Mumsy should believe that 2016 will be her best year.

  • Dekemi says:

    Shade!!! You didn’t talk about how you tension us with photos of amazing akara as breakie ?.

    How come I always thought your daughter was in primary school?

    May you and your family have a better 2016. God will restore the years the locusts have eaten.

    Bia, let’s talk about this stream of income na.

  • Motunrayo says:

    That song! At some point, it was on permanent replay. It seemed like he was singing directly to me. Change is on the way, really. God bless you and God bless your family.

  • Beatrice says:

    Bae!!!finally. *phew! I’m so proud of you and I know your mum would overcome everything. 2016 would be greater, we should discuss.

    P.S: I know I’m one of the 2 friends (I Runs away. Happy holidays

  • Clarion says:

    I know what it means to lose your source of income and/or have it threatened. May God restore to your mum all that she has lost, in Jesus name.

  • Jvmoke says:

    The God of swift growth and profitability will visit your mum’s business in Jesus name.

    And your baby I’d in Ss1! !! Wow!

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