Day 24: Arin

So Arinola (@areenolar) was the girl who defined my romantic life in 2011. Nuff said. Merry Christmas people…


Unlike 2010, I kinda stumbled into 2011 without any clear-cut resolutions. I had beautiful dreams coupled with unbridled hope for what the New Year had to offer

So lemme start with some of my lows:

Cannes Film Festival: I entered for this advertising competition with one of the hottest ‘brains’ in the industry. For some reason, I had come to embrace this ‘I deserve to win… I have all it takes” attitude. Secondly, my teammate was no dunce so why not? When the time came for entries submission, I proudly submitted our entry; of course competing teams were intimidated by the quality of our work. Few hours later…lo and behold, the jury president announced ‘the twins’, a rival team who had lost faith after seeing our work, as the winners. I stood there and smiled when I actually felt like throwing tantrums. And what made it painful was the fact that ‘the twins’ were my friends who sponsored themselves unlike all the other corporate teams in the competition. Ahhh, e pain me no be small. I don dey dream of Paris…(If we had won, we would have gotten the chance to represent Nigeria at the Cannes Festival in France…and our trip would have been paid for by our agency). So yeah no France trip but it changed something in me…my attitude.

Foreign second degree: Since childhood schooling abroad seemed to be woven into my system such that I made too much noise and told everybody who cared to listen even before I got my first degree. Then it happened that I gained admission to study my course of choice (Mass Communication) in Nigeria’s University of First Choice (If you don’t know this great school, then you need to catch up with the tabloids). Anyway, I finished school, did NYSC by force (even though I served in Victoria Island), worked for two years, then started working towards this BIG DREAM: A FOREIGN DEGREE. I did all I could, I stressed myself until it became apparently clear to me that Arin was worn out. So I took it slow, gave her some time to rejuvenate then started the hustle again. For some reasons, I couldn’t go. I was rejected by one school and gained admission into two great schools. But in the end, I’m not writing this from the UK. In fact, I’m typing from the comfort of my room with the fan blowing needful breeze (I hope NEPA doesn’t take the light before this chronicle ends).

UK VISA denied: Until this year, I never looked forward nor had any worthy reason to go to the UK embassy, I just didn’t need to go (At least not for holiday). But somehow, I needed to see someone in the UK…and my VISA was refused. (Omo, I rained curses on whoever refused me). I was obviously angry and irritated at the same time. Before I knew it, I could sense a heavy cloud around my eyelids and before I could reach out for an umbrella, the rain had started to fall…heavily for that matter. I cried not because of the VISA, not even the shopping (Abegi we have nice shops in Nigeria. LOL). But I cried because I had a mission…a genuine mission in fact. (Editor: *smiles*)

But in all these, God was with me every step of the way even when I didn’t understand what was happening.

And though tears may endure for a night, joy must come in the morning.


Online Masters Degree: Thank God the world has now gone digital. I came across this amazing school with just about my desired Masters course, and everything seemed nice so I opted for it. God helped me, I did my own part and today I can say I’m currently undergoing my M.Sc in Marketing (God help me not to faint before it ends. Amen).

Joined the Digital Media Team: Somehow, the digital media section in my office needed an extra hand in administering the online presence of a BIG brand in Nigeria…and I was and still am the hand.

I worked tirelessly with this team then subsequently came up with strategic solutions to tactical problems, and today everybody in my agency thinks I’m a genius. (My own is –  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me).

My younger Sis: This young lady became her class rep in year one unopposed. Made a first class after the first year, got 2 BIG modeling jobs, has a good relationship with God. So yeah, seeing my friend and lil’ sis’ excel is definitely one of my highs this year.

Aside from the aforementioned I have other highs, too numerous to mention here.

That being said, I think the main thing for me is the fact that this year has been a learning process. I’ve learnt a lot from my personal experiences and other people’s. I’ve come to understand that our lives belong to our Creator and we must glorify Him. I’ve also learnt that God does not owe us in any way but He blesses us out of His abundance just because He is good.

While I can’t deny and say that I’ve received all that I’ve asked for this year because I haven’t, I also know that faithful is He that promised and it will be as it was told me.

And trust me on this, the best thing you can do for yourself today is not to eat chicken and rice, not tweeting all day or not even hanging out with your good friends. But to get to know the best friend you can ever have (His name is Jesus and today is His birthday). You can celebrate the reason for the season; you can thank Him for His great sacrifice and invite Him to be Lord over your life. You can choose life and begin to experience His mercy, His love and the ministration of the sweet Holy Spirit or you can decide not to….after all it’s your choice.

But this I can tell you, I met this Great Friend few years ago, and even though I fumble sometimes He never fumbles. Even though I fail sometimes, He never fails. Even though I come short every time, He never leaves me nor forsakes me.

And I’m learning that the only thing that would make this year memorable are not our material possessions…but that decision to step out in faith and choose to love Him who loved us first. I’ve made that decision and so should you.

So this is not just a merry Christmas…but also a get-saved Christmas…

Cheers to 2012


Merry Christmas, everyone!!! Cheers dearie. 🙂  Tomorrow Shade will be here to talk to us about her year. See you 😀


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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