Day 23: Sheriph

How I decided to do a guest post on Site still amazes me, the fact that I’m about to churn out personal info about myself for you judgmental lot amazes me more. But hey, it’s the end of the year and all I can say is I’m thankful and really don’t care what anyone thinks. Thankful for all the ups, the downs, the sideways and what not, most importantly, I am thankful for being alive and pray to see 2013 (f**k the Mayans). This is my first time here and Efe didn’t give any guidelines, so I’m just going to be totally random with this.

High Points & Low Points

Haven’t really had any breathtaking highpoint, my life has been pretty much average this year, nothing spectacular so far. I never can say though, there are still a few more days for a possible HIGH POINT. I have had a bunch of low points this year, but the lowest point of this year for me had to be sometime in April, shame I can’t go into details, but I hit rock bottom, no one wants to hear a sad story, so let’s move on to other stuff.

Love Life

I had a girlfriend, I love(d) her, I lost her, do I regret my actions? Yes, no, maybe? I guess I will never know. Do I want to get back with her? The question should be; does she want to get back with me? I guess I will never know that too…..No point crying over spilled milk though. Honestly, she was/is one of the best things that happened to me this year, even though I never showed it to her. We both had our flaws, but we both knew how to cheer each other up whenever we were down and also piss each other off at a whim. I just think we are star-crossed and was never meant to be. Our friendship is pretty much strained now, that’s if it still exists, as I hurt her real bad and I doubt if she ever wants to speak/see me again. We went through a whole lot together, good and bad, but mostly bad. We made a lot of mistakes together and individually, I hope we learned from them all. If you are reading this, I still love you (as a friend and more) and it’s a shame we never got to understand each other. You made me a better person; don’t know if I can say the same about me to you. *side note* [I willalways choose you over my friends].

It’s beginning to seem I’m making this post about her….moving on. *side note* [I am single and seriously searching, my wahala is not plenty ladies: D]


Work has been great as I switched jobs and locations (Abuja to Lagos) in the middle of the year. The previous job was fraught with drama and the pay wasn’t fantastic, in fact, the pay was shit, but it afforded me the time and some resources to do jobs on the side. This kept a brother stable till the new offer came, which was originally supposed to be a 1week gig. Ended up being a full time job and I have no regrets jumping ship. The past few months has been filled with activities and what not, hell I was part of the team that hosted TEDxVictoriaIsland The event was a successful one. I was later robbed that night (I have myself to blame though).

Work (NGO)

I am a (founding) member of an NGO called laptop for learning; you can check us out on for more information. We started teacher training a couple of months back in a new school (Lagos Mainland Local Government Primary School), myself, Debo, White-boy, Clement and the wonderful people of Team Management Partners Limited. Prior to that, we worked with the Kuramo Primary School, VI, where we set up an L4L Clubhouse and hope to do the same in the new school. The teachers this year are………………….. I should share some of the mails I got from them with the public, this way you can see the rot in the Nigerian Education System. We at L4L will keep doing our best to make the teachers and students better. We had a gala (not the sausage roll) night on the 21 st of November, the chairperson/host of the event was Emeka Anyaoku (Ex Commonwealth Sec Gen.), there were several sponsors at the event and I’m proud to say, we will be working with 6 more schools in 2013, bringing the total to 8. I hope I have enough time to split myself next year for this.


These guys have been there for me all through the year, one way or the other. My sisters (all four of them) have been amazing, always listening to me bitching about one issue or the other and vice versa, the youngest of them has full access to my mumu button, I mean this babe will squeeze 9k from me if I had only 10k in my wallet, how she does it I still can’t fathom. My relationship with my brothers (two) on the other hand is pretty much a what’s up and fifa12/13 kind of relationship and I hope I build a better/deeper relationship with them (That’s if they are willing sha). I lost my maternal grandma sometime in September; there was a huge owambe to celebrate her passing and trust those uncles, aunts and extended family members to ask when I’m getting married and shii…. I just shrugged and walked on every single time I heard the question. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the mother tactfully adds prayer points of her dear son’s wedding, which she hopes will be soon enough….If she had her way, I would be married yesterday.

I was blessed with another nephew this year (3nieces 2nephews), I mean this is good news, but being an Uncle is expensive!!!!! Got an uncle dreading birthdays, Christmas and holidays in general as Uncle must shake body whenever he sees them.


Glad to be reunited with my Lagos friends aka my 2 nd family, I’m sure these lot have been praying for my safe return to Lagos as they are of the notion that Abuja is fraught with debauchery and decadence and their dear friend would be swallowed in it. The few I left in the FCT I miss too and I plan on spending an entire week in that town before the year runs out. Did I make new friends this year? I really don’t know, did I lose any friend(s)…sure I did, made an effort to reconcile and set things straight with them, but I guess their head was too far up their asses.


I haven’t really achieved much this year, I mean, my passport wasn’t stamped, and I didn’t buy a new car or build a house. If I were an Igbo man, I wouldn’t be able to show face in my village this Christmas. I won’t downplay myself just yet, I have been smoking (seriously) for about 10years now (last 5years as a chain smoker), but after a near death experience sometime in October, I decided to quit, made a covenant with God for sparing my life. I haven’t had a smoke in 2months and pray and hope it remains that way for a long while. I also hope this will solidify my relationship with God.

I am still finding myself and to some extent, I consider myself an underachiever which I hope to better come 2012 and beyond.

This post is getting too long sef……

Parting Note

No matter what situation you find yourself, always be thankful, someone somewhere has it worse than you at that very moment.

Here is to a potentially great 2013 and I hope we all achieve all what we set to achieve in that year. Thanks again Efe, for having me on your blog.

“RIP to the soul lost on this day last year, may you keep resting in God’s bosom and may the good Lord grant those who he left behind the strength to bear this lost as he is remembered today”


No, Sheriph. Thank you for doing this 🙂 I forgot I was reading and could hear you speaking from the heart. May you live long.

Genesis will be grey on here tomorrow. Book your seats early people.  🙂


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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