Day 23: Mayowa

Hello! I’m Mayowa and this is a review of my 2014.

During the crossover of 31st December 2013, my resolution was to do more and think less. That’s the reason I am writing this review. I wasn’t really thinking when I said I wanted the 22nd, though I almost backed out when “writers” were angry that Mr. Efe opened his blog to plebs but I wrote it anyway.


I messed around and bagged an extra year in school so I started this year feeling like a failure. My mates were going to serve and I was just a big fat nothing. I felt frustrated, angry, pity, disappointed; in short I was just sad because these things could have been avoided. I started keeping to myself and cut off my friends from school. Life was just somehow, people would come to visit and say things like “ahahn! You’ve not gone for NYSC?” and I’d smile and give some flimsy excuse and there would be this awkward look between my father and I. Time passed and I had a talk with myself, realized anything you do nothing about doesn’t change and decided to be a happy person. School was on strike so I continued with French classes and when school resumed, I finished my classes and wrote the exam.

Funny thing is that carry-over course gave me clarity on what I want to do for my masters’ degree. Wonder why I didn’t pay attention in that class. Now, I love the course. And I wouldn’t trade this “failure” for anything; I have met people and learnt things I wouldn’t have if everything had worked according to my plan. Also, I have come to realize first hand that man proposes and God LOLs. Anyway, I’m done with clearance and all should serve with batch A next year by His grace.


I became a better sister this year or maybe my younger sister became mature but there was less bickering between the two of us this year. The youngest one is still unbearable but we shall overcome.

The needle and thread patching my parents’ marriage finally finished this year and I was relieved. The struggle has been real!

I got to see my mom as a woman not just a mother this year (does that make any sense?). There’s this understanding we have come to have, I even keep quiet when she’s yelling now. Her prayers for me have been invaluable.


I found something like love this year, lost it too and I am grateful for the few months that we had. I was genuinely happy for the most part of it. It opened my eyes to me and my values. See ehn, I never knew how much I appreciated humour in the opposite sex until I dated this guy, he was too serious! Always drawing out life lessons when baby girl just wants to trade bants *sigh*. Right now I am single and looking forward to the amazing men I am yet to meet and I know not to settle because there are still men with home training out there.


Well, I started talking with my friends from school and I really became close with a fine young man called Damola. I’ve never known friendship so easy. We have bonded over music and life experiences and he is just wonderful and so funny! I am thankful for his life and anxious for the good things that lie in front of him.


I found God’s shadow too. I am trying to build a relationship with him, it’s not a solid one but he still comes through for me regardless. He blows my mind with the little things that he does.


I grew. I was healthy, I learnt to see beyond the superficial, I cut my hair, my efo riro is almost on fleek, I learnt how to say no, I stepped a little out of my comfort zone (joined a group in church), I got to understand that it’s not only 5+5 that can give you 10, 6+4 would give you the same so would 9+1. That is to say, I opened my mind. I realized I was capable of doing anything I set my mind to and I even started making little decisions around the house! I was a little responsible too, bought my glasses with my money (big ups to Dammy for my lovely frames), paid to get my laptop fixed and paid for a material I bought from my own mother smh! Most importantly, I chose progress over perfection.

Lastly, Okikiola, thanks for holding my hand through the walk of faith. You’ll never be forgotten by me or God.

I wish y’all a very merry Christmas and a merrier new year!!!




I hardly know you but I think this is like a lesson to us. So many things we think we cannot absolutely stand or live with are simply because we haven’t grown into them. I hope we learn to persevere at the beginning with good things that require some growing pains to get into instead of hurriedly throwing them away. Let the ore be refined first and let the gold come through! Thank you for sharing Mayowa.


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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