Day 23: Amy

You all know the most annoying handle to cc. @ibetapassmynebo also known as Amy. She shares her take on 2011 today…


LOOOL ok so I really can’t remember anything that happened this year why?
I have been drunk and high on weed since Jan till today Dec 18th 20:45pm. . .ok just kidding. . .My lowpoint was Arsenal losing to Man Utd aka the 8-2 game. . .Highpoint Arsenal being the group leader in UCL and of course beating Chelsea 5-3. . .End of Story! Merry Xmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok! 2010 did not end well. .there was a bomb Blast at Abacha Barracks that killed some people on 31st Dec! it was tragic! Plus I lost some cool friends too. Was really looking forward to 2011 because I needed a fresh start!

Finally 2011. . .Met some cool people. . .reconnected with an Old friend (Georginah πŸ™‚ ). . . Never found Love. .(Thought I did at some point). . . I almost died in May. . . Then the “Transfer Window” Drama. . . LOL

Ok August was the Month I was really looking forward to. . .why
– The EPL season kicked off
– Wanted to see what our new players had to offer
– UEFA Champions league was about to start
-Could not wait for Cesc and Nasri to leave so RVP could become our captain and also ‘shine’ (~_~)
-Lastly after my “Human Error” that got me expelled from my other school, I finally graduated. .not just as the best Student in my department, but as the best in my Faculty. This may sound Mediocre but finally, I’m able to put a smile on my Dad’s face and make him proud of me again! That proud, that he goes to the office everyday with my 2nd & 3rd year transcript sent to him by my school, (with an ‘A’ in all 35courses). . .

Despite all, I’m really grateful to God for my life, and for those that made this year a memorable one. . .I just have this feeling 2012 would be a good year for me. . .really all I can think about right now is the ‘January Transfer Market’ and Our game against AC. Milan . . .oh we lost to Man city again. . .Plus I think Amokachi’s ‘Use of English’ would get better. .yea I know RVP would be fantastic in the coming year. . .Maybe Wenger would sign Podolski and Gotze. . .How did Lyon qualify again. . .When would I see Santos back in action. .I miss Sagna by the way. . .why is Tevez an ass. . .why can’t I hate Messi. . .would wilshere return our creative midfield back. . .who would shoot Balotelli in his groin for me. . .Can Sunshine stars take Arshavin and chamakh for free. . .why is Pep fucking sexy. . .when would Ramsey realise his ‘goal-scoring’ DNA has been altered. . .WHY MUST I BE MORAL???????????


Still shaking my head at this. What would the Premier League be in Nigeria without ibetapassmynebo? Oh well, tomorrow Arinola will be writing our Christmas post… Do come along πŸ™‚


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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