Day 22: Olamide

12am January 1st 2017, Happy New Year. Olamide was crying. My relationship had ended two days before and I was just so frigging tired of everything -hence the tears. Crying is therapeutic guys. Believe me. That was how my year started. Then, I fell sick at the start of the New Year and was almost scammed of the money I didn’t have. SMH. January was one rollercoaster of a month and it was just a preview of how the rest of the year would be.


School work was mad intense this year. I finished my final IT in February and school resumed in March. However, the months rolled by so fast that before I knew it, first semester was over and second semester had started. Then ASUU strike happened. Sigh. It meant Graduation date had been shifted forward but we move. Alhamdulillah.

This year, I learnt to face my insecurities head on. I was diagnosed of a medical condition and trying to survive in Vet school with this was tough, especially as a lot of people were unaware and just couldn’t understand why I couldn’t do mundane tasks without body tremors showing their face but I didn’t give a damn. I slayed the hell out of whatever I had to do regardless. Mama didn’t raise no weakling. 2017, school-wise, was good. It could have been better but I am not complaining. Alhamdulillah.


This year tested my faith so much that it kept on wavering. Some days, I could barely pray 5 times daily, could not make Duas after prayers and other days I was on such a high that I wished it would remain so forever. I am not only praying for 100% Imaan next year, I’m going to actively work on it. Having complete, uttermost trust and faith in God is such a beautiful thing that works wonders and I am not denying myself of that anymore.

My love life was in a sorry state this year and we may or may not rectify that next year. However, I am thankful for my friends. I didn’t cut anyone off or let people go, heck I don’t even have that many friends to begin with, but the few people that I hold dear to heart are just blessings from Allah to me.

Sula, Kizzle, Abiola, Mansur, AbdulFatah, Adebanke, Oluwatobiloba, Oyeyemi Giwa, Rachael and the few others I can’t remember now, Thank you for everything and every time. Thank you for keeping me sane and allowing me rant and disturb you every now and then. I pray we remain friends and true to each other for life. May our friendship continue to blossom. Love you guys to bits.

Finally, I’m grateful for the gift of family. The saying blood is thicker than water rings true every time. Alhamdulillah for the people I call family. My parents, siblings, cousins; super amazing people. Grateful that we are all hale and hearty, no bad news and even though the Buhari economy wasn’t too friendly, we are thankful still. Alhamdulillah. Next year will be better. In sha Allah.

The last quarter of my year was the best part for me. I had my best and at the same time, my humbling moments there. I am learning to find joy in the little things because simply I can’t come and die. Someone tweeted asking people to mention their accomplishments for the year, and I struggled to find one. I didn’t know what exactly I accomplished in the year 2017 but that put things in perspective for me. Maybe I should stop looking for accomplishments in the grand sense of it. I’m going to celebrate my victories, however little they seem and be proud of them. I choose joy every day.

My sewing might still not be perfect, my yoga is still so terrible but I am grateful for these imperfections and I hope 2018 will be a lot better than 2017 was. I hope to be a graduate next year and while I am still unsure of the path I am going to follow, I know I will do alright because I have someone up there who is looking out for me. I hope to conquer more territories and when life comes with its inevitable challenges, I pray to have the strength to face them head on.  I pray Allah preserves our lives till next year and beyond and may we continue to have wonderful news to share with one another. 2018, you better be good to your girl. Thanks in advance.


Afolabi Monsurat

Call me Olamide

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