Day 21: Rolayo

2017 – The Year My Life Changed.


So much happened this year that I have started forgetting. It was a long year, a very long year, but a fulfilling one, I daresay.


I started the year in a new clinic – a private clinic in Ikoyi, and although I came in as an extra dentist, I became sort of full staff because after working for a while, my boss decided that she didn’t need to employ a more senior dentist after all. But she didn’t increase my salary and I worked so hard, I almost didn’t have a life. But I learnt how strong and resilient and hardworking I can be, so I am thankful for the experience.


In February, my fiancé decided we had to get a house, our wedding was six months away and our friend, whose place he was staying at, was also getting married. We only checked out one place, and the place was nothing like what I had imagined, but he was so convinced. I remember not knowing exactly what to say the first time I saw the flat, instead I bowed my head and told God that if that was going to be our apartment, He would help us fix it. I convinced him to let us check out other places that looked “better” but for some reason, the plans always fell through. The house looks nothing like when we first got it and though it’s not at its best yet, I learnt that God truly can make beauty from ruins if we let Him.


I hung up my bridesmaid coat in February after giving away two of my friends. I had lots of fun but I promised myself that I wasn’t going to go through such again, especially the financial stress seeing as they were two weeks apart. I might take it up for some select few, but if I have my way, NO WAY!


Our wedding was fixed for August, and six months to the wedding, my fiancé didn’t have a job. Who knew getting a job as a medical doctor could be so hard. We got our hopes up and dashed so many times – from exams that looked like done deals, but we later heard that we needed “legs” longer than the ones we already had, to employers who loved his passion and drive but couldn’t offer remuneration, it was tough. But we kept rejoicing, and trusting God.

Then he fell sick. One Saturday after we had just rocked my friend’s wedding together, we came back to Lagos and he woke up complaining about stomach ache. In less than 24 hours, it had worsened. I remember rushing home from work and getting a cab to take him to the hospital, totally confused. He had surgery for a ruptured appendix in less than 48 hours. It was tough for me because I couldn’t be there with him, because of work. I had to travel down during the weekend after convincing my boss and hearing a long speech about how I shouldn’t use up all my favours.


He recovered fully to the glory of God and while recuperating, he got called for a job! He also moved into our house and it has been up, up from there. He has had to change jobs twice since then but he is finally doing what he wants to do and enjoying it and it makes me happy. God came through for us, right on time.


NYSC started this year. I remember holding my breath several times concerning it and just praying for God’s will to be done. I remember that morning in the toilet, when I saw my state of redeployment and it read “Lagos”, I screamed! It’s a testimony on its own because I didn’t have to pay anyone or kill a lion. God just favoured me. Camp was tough the first night but I enjoyed my three weeks in camp. I ate so much at Mammy market 😂

My place of primary assignment also worked in my favour because I didn’t get my Plan A but God knew where I needed to be so He put me right there.


My business turned one year old this month! The Ankara Dentist has grown in such leaps and bounds that it amazes me myself. I’ve had tough days, very rough days – days when my shoulders and back hurt from carrying fabrics, days when I would have so many fabrics that my husband would ask me not to buy anymore because I had so many that I was yet to sell, days when customers would contact me for asoebi and after all the negotiations, decide not to use my services anymore, sad days. One low point of the year was applying for an entrepreneurship competition, I made a professional video and the whole works, I really thought I had a great chance, but I wasn’t even given a chance and it hurt so much. I have picked myself up since then. We rejoice! I am grateful for my customers, the ones who have never seen or met me before but believe in me, the friends who tell other friends about me, the ones who get me orders from their work places, I could go on and on. I recently almost ran out of stock, and it was ironic because I used to have stock that almost filled up a room. God is faithful.


The most beautiful thing that happened to me this year and the highlight of 2017 was marrying my best friend! We’ve been friends for ten years, we started dating 4 years ago and got engaged 2 years ago and so far, I have had no regrets.

It was truly a celebration of love. Our family came from all parts of the world just to celebrate with us. Our friends (we didn’t know we had so many) showed up in their numbers.

Planning the wedding wasn’t an easy feat, but God showed up and surprised us pleasantly, He did exceedingly abundantly. We had excess of things we couldn’t afford by ourselves. The love was overwhelming. I am eternally grateful to everyone who came through for us, eternally grateful.


In summary, 2017 was a landmark year. It defined some things for me and I know where I want to be and who I want to be. Special shout out to Kemi Adetiba for #kingwomen series on YouTube. The most important lesson that I learnt however is – “The just shall live by HIS faith”.

What I get is a result of what I have faith for, not what my friend has faith for. I don’t need to compete with anyone, I can live by my faith.


Thank you 2017.


2018, I hope you are ready for me ’cause I am ready for you!



or Rolayomide as she is known on social media platforms, is an unapologetic Christian first, a dentist second and many other things after. She enjoys writing, cooking and recently, street photography.

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