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Hey everyone, Dolapo here.

So I asked to do a review of this year for Pa Efe. This is going to be a bit longwinded so grab some popcorn.

My year started last year because I’ve had to have long periods of inactivity in between. Sometime in June/July last year, after a week of severe hyperactivity, I was finally diagnosed as bipolar.

The week saw me strain relationships and climaxed with me shouting from atop an acquaintance’s fence in the rain.

In my underwear.

At this point I have to declare the love I have for Mrs. ‘Lola Ogedengbe. Were this testimony time in church this is where I’d start singing “Iya ni wura iye biye…”. She beat me, cried over me and took me to a psychiatrist pronto.

Not deliverance, psychiatrist.

The next 2 months were spent mostly in a haze of medication as I fought the compulsion to work. My parents had to infantilize me.

I just wanted to work.

To Work. Sing. Sew. Dance. Write. Walk around at midnight.

Then it was time for Operation Salvage because things had been going to shit with school.

I tried to defer, spent almost 3 months on that and returned for confirmation only to be told I had been asked to withdraw. This after 3 years studying Law in Unilag.

We tried to appeal the decision but the university probably did not want to set a bad precedent by approving the appeal, even with my circumstances. That took another 3 months.

It’s now April and we were in Savage Salvage Mood. At least my mother was. I was ready to throw my hands in the air, forget about everything school related for now and become a dancer.

That, of course, was unacceptable. Threats of disowning and disavowing were being not-subtly-at-all given. The solution was to pack me off to private school (Caleb University) where I spent the next 3 months (again, what is up with this number?) eating, reading novels and watching movies. I attended maybe 3 classes my entire time there.

After this recalibration period, as Mother calls it, I was ready for the academic life once again because I met so many people in Caleb who were finding their feet again and making the most of Life’s cards. They gave me the strength to face schooling again.

I studied for less than a month (I don’t want to say 3 weeks ?) for the UNILAG foundation programme exam, on subjects I hadn’t touched in 4 years, and passed very well.

Now I’m preparing to study Psychology (YAAASSSS!). As the Devil is a bastard baby I had another bad manic episode, mainly because of the stress of school and commuting. Had to spend over a week at home in the middle of lectures.

Even now I’m not sure I’ll pass my first in-course test because I’m just not ready as I haven’t been able to focus or had time to really study. My meds only allow me truly useful time of about 7 hours each day.

Not nearly enough.

Yet “In all things give thanks,” says the Lord. Bros J Sneh and I have become closer as His Joy has been my strength through these trying times.

I thank Him for all those who have been there for me and may their rivers of Life flow clear and sweet.

I’ll be turning 20 next year and hope that as I enter a new decade old things shall indeed pass away.

Thank you for reading this. Stay blessed.


The clarity of mind it took to write this alone is a testimony. I’m so grateful on your behalf for your very patient and understanding support system. God bless and prosper your way. Thank you so much for sharing your 2015 story Dolapo.

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