Day 20: Kofo

2012 was a rather eventful year if I may say so.

When I write, I imagine a good story should be able to spin tendrils out like a demon possessed venus fly trap and draw you in till it consumes you. Yeah, my imagination’s like that.

But this won’t be like that. My 2012 was full of just two things: Discovery and Thanksgiving.

So I will start with the discoveries.

I learnt that God is quite real and is very interested in your day to day dealings. He is also jealous and will free you till you come to Him. He is also super merciful because a lot of the things I got this year I don’t deserve. And sometimes he won’t give you what you want because you aren’t quite ready for it.

I learnt that family, not matter how annoying and frustrating and manic they may be, is usually the one thing you can count on. Well some family though. Others can be plonkers.

I learnt that love, true love in its deepest form can bring you back from the abyss again and again. It can buoy you up in stormy waters. But in the end, its not enough. Its never enough.

I learnt that you cannot truly call someone your friend till you work for them.

I learnt that too much information is very unneccesary. People only need to know what they NEED to know and nothing extra.

I learnt that to do something, START. Don’t wait for some big break or miracle. If you are convinced you should do it, start small. You will make mistakes but it’s better to make small mistakes than big mistakes. Go out there and DO IT.

I learnt that I really REALLY hate the way Nigeria is right now. We have too much potential to be a Third world country. All year I watched our government turn us into the laughing stock of the world and it cuts deep. Which way Naija?

I learnt that you can be jobless one minute and the next be neck deep in work. Opportunity that meets preparation is always awesome.

I learnt that everything you do has consequences. Everything. Do not be deceived.

Now let me launch into the things I’m grateful for.

I’m thankful for my family. I didn’t lose anyone this year. God is too awesome.

I am thankful for my friends. My true friends. They push me and pray with me and advise me. A friend helped me make the single most important discovery of this year. Two others helped me get my present job. Friends that are like blood are rare.

I’m thankful for work. Even though it can be boring sometimes and the deadlines can kill, I have a source of steady income and for that I thank God.

I’m thankful for growth. For the ability to grow.

I’d like to roll out a list of people but I won’t. If you influenced my life in anyway this year, I say thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Here’s to 2013 *raises glass of henny+coke*


Finally the guys are here to break the chain of female writers! Kofo you didn’t include your struggles this year in the teddy bear zone. Your romance life was dead?  🙁

Tomorrow at noon Kelvin is up here. If we are still here, do come read  😀


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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