Day 2: Vivian

Hello again, and welcome. Today, we celebrate Vivian’s birthday, as we read about the joys, triumphs and challenges that 2017 has brought her. Read her review, and don’t forget to wish her a happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead.


Kò s’éni tí mo lè fi se àfiwé re o,

E tobi.

God is good. I don’t know how else I can explain the year 2017. It’s my birthday today! I am alive and I am well. I have family, friends, life and love. I am blessed, I am a blessing. I am grateful.

Let’s talk through some of the key highlights:


We got married!!! Love got a spiritual blessing in April and a legal seal in March; that’s just a roundabout way of saying “we got married!” The months leading up to “I do” were long and tedious. Tsk tsk. Nigerian Wedding Lesson: Do your best and let anyone that wants more, do more. There’s room for your opinions, just back it up with your money.


Love and Marriage

Charity suffereth long. *cackles* King James Version says it as it is, but I think the idea of suffering scares us in Christendom – so we find different versions to suit the mood… I kid, I kid. The Message Translation (God bless Eugene Peterson) captures verse 4 thus, “Love never gives up”. I am grateful for a love that has not given up on me. I am grateful for grace to love and be loved as Christ loves. E dey hard.


The Work of My Hands

Still waters or stagnant waters? *sigh* I just want… more. I believe in completion… the good work will be completed.



“I don’t know if you can hear me, or if you’re even there

I don’t know if you would listen to a gypsy’s prayer”


After traipsing around for years, I found a home. A home where God is present, where I am happy to just… be. There’s a spirit of excellence here. I even went a step further in membership and I attended a Discipleship Training Class – intense 10 weeks, best idea ever.

So Will I (100 Billion X) | Tori Kelly’s acoustic cover or any Amanda Cook cover.

If you have not listened to this song, So Will I (100 Billion X), uhm… what’s up? Hope nothing? Se ko si? Find it.


New Waters

I finally learned how to drive. Got a baby chariot – Issa Cherub! I learned to sew (Hey Nedoux)! I… invested in something High Risk. *shivers* I conquered fears I never knew I had. I can actually be referred to as a member of a church, not because of familial relationships. I guess this is what adulting really is: making choices and living with the results of those choices.

I am grateful. Here’s to a flourishing close to 2017 and an excellent 2018.

Ashira l’adonai; ki gaoh ga-ah

Mi chamocha baelim adonai

Mi kamocha nedar ba kodesh

Nachita v’chas-d’cha am zu ga-alta

Nachita v’chas-d’cha am zu ga-alta

Ashira, ashira, ashira”



Whatever you think, you are right and we will all be alright. My name is Vivian from 7am to 7pm on weekdays, any other time I don't know. I blog at I also like food. A lot.

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