Day 2: Tomi

2012. Hmmm, so I’m going to focus on the good and say this year has been a blast. Oh and before I go any further, note of warning, I tend to ramble so I’m asking for your forgiveness in advance.

I got my dream job working as a field engineer late last year and was sent to western Siberia, you know, that corner of Russia renowned for its cold embrace, where I hear they once used to exile prisoners to.

This year started off with a bang, getting back to work after the holidays, the bosses finally sent me off to my first rig and boy was I in for a shocker. NYSC camp can’t hold a candle to the average land rig here. Plus you only spend three weeks there; I’ve spent at least 60% of this year on one variation or the other. What do I mean? Sorry, what does a toilet look like again? Last I checked it’s certainly not a hole in the ground surrounded by four walls of whatever material you can dig up. Plus I haven’t seen a mirror in the last eight days. Ah, I said I was going to keep it upbeat so I’ll stop here.

I finally got the chance to spread my wings and see the world, well six countries on two continents, not counting Africa. It was quite an experience, one I am incredibly grateful I had with friends, both new and old. I fell in love with Paris at first sight (though we did get propositioned on the subway once) from the sights, the food to the sweets (do try a box of Pierre Herme macarons if you’re ever there). Alas I still can’t speak French to save my life – yet another failed resolution to add to an ever-growing pile. I mean, this was the year I said I’d finally learn to swim, play the guitar and how to dance. Yeah yeah, dancing is inbred and not hard at all (I hear you). Try having two left feet and a preponderance of self-control that results in stiff shoulders.

Yeah, where was I? Paris, I hope the next time I go there, it’s with my better half, but then I have to find him first. And that reminds me of one of this year’s downs; having to admit to yourself that a relationship just isn’t working royally sucks. Coming to terms with the fact that you both aren’t meant to be is such a bummer. And it’s oh so annoying when friends tell you after the fact that yeah, I saw the signs on the wall ages ago, and you kept quiet out of a sense of loyalty; two years in and you said nothing, misplaced loyalty all around, meh. Now I’m the target of all the “so when are you getting married”, “at least, tell me there’s someone in your life”, “you do know you’re currently in your prime and when you become stale, you will end up settling for rejects.” I could go on and on but I won’t bore you. If you’re a youngish, single girl, odds are you are very familiar with these phrases and more already.

Yet another down: gotta be honest, working in the middle of nowhere, in the midst of people whose language you don’t speak and who barely say a word to you doesn’t do wonders for a person, introvert or not. I’ve been in too many black holes this year, and yes, I now know what insomnia feels like as well. However I’ve come to realize that though I don’t have many friends, the few I do have are amazing through and through. My friends and family provide a support system like no other, and for that I am eternally grateful. They always find a way to lift me out of whatever dump I happen to be buried in, or at least, to provide that first tug up and out.

Oh wait, yes! I started writing this year. I’d been writing on and off for ages but a friend saw one of my poems and told me “get your act together, bebe, and either get serious and work on it or walk away.” So I chose to dive in and who knows where it will take me? And I’ve gotten to meet so many great people during this process, no need to name names but you guys rock.

Hehe, and this is the year I discovered twitter, that counts for something, right?

Almost forgot, I gathered my guts and went natural this year. Been carrying the natural hair for about five months and I have chopped insult tire, ranging from asking why I’m being Ijebu and refusing to spend money on relaxer, to stating that I look like a mad woman. I’m not one of those advocates campaigning that everyone else should; it is an entire kettle of fish with its own wahala, one that I’m yet to fully grasp, but it’s a step I’m glad I took.

Yeah, in all, I would definitely say 2012 has been a good year, way more ups than downs. I’m definitely not the same person who entered 2012, a little tougher, a lot wiser, and ever hopeful. I still have a lot of road to cover but then, Mayan calendar aside, that’s what 2013 is for.



Tomi reminds me of a restrained part of myself that I used to have.

This Mayan calendar keeps popping up every time. I really wish we finish this series lol.

Well, welcome in advance for Okiemute’s post tomorrow at high noon.



I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


  • hrh7 says:

    A preponderance of self control… i love. I can’t count the times that someone has told me that i’m stiff or a bad dancer. Good for u for spreading your wings. I hope you have more opportunities to do that in 2013. Great writing. Continue with it

  • silentblare says:

    Hmm. I just realized, seems like I know this girl pretty good! Nice nice writing. Plunging in seems to be the way forward. “Just do it already”. 🙂

  • Chica says:

    I went natural too for ten months, February till November then had to do braids for 2weeks and back on my low cut now lool. I like that you got to travel and all that. God give you strength to bear more trials that comes with the responsibility.

  • @kunbillionaire says:

    Love this! Feel u on d rship thing. Totally sucks.
    Ur dream job sounds like a nightmare sha ​​ℓ☺ℓ. Glad u r happy
    2013 surely will bring more adventures for u n hopefully love.

    • Tomi says:

      Yeah, my job is part nightmare, part dream. Good thing is I get to wake up occasionally. Amen to 2013 being full of adventures and love

  • Jk_McDazzles says:

    ..Tomi, you lived two-third of my dream 2012.. I’m so happy for you..
    Evidence that the sun is shining someplace gives us hope..


  • Ekwe says:

    this post is somewhat retarded. no depth or anything to be gleaned from it.

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