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Wonderful Wonder – Nathaniel Bassey

The thing about sending in your review of the year 29 days before it ends is: You might just be pleasantly surprised. Pleasantly.

The pleasantness is debatable.

By the end of November 2016, I had started my blog with the hopes of helping people afford their Lagos lives through my experiences – The Alaroro Shopaholic. My Personal Finance was on the road to fleek.

By the end of December 2016, guess who was in debt? I really need to stress this here for people who are just entering the labour market: Don’t be in a hurry. Read your contract. Be sure of everything you are signing up for. It can come back and bite you. This is all.

I cried. I wept my eyes out. My income was slashed in half. My new-found savings habit was slashed to halfer-barely-nearly-zilch. It was all over before I could even begin. Imagine squeezing your current expenses into 50% of your income; if that’s not a hassle, congratulations!

Praise Him in Advance – Marvin Sapp

Here’s a glimpse of 2016 – Experiences and Lessons around my life:


Travis Greene | Intentional 

In January, I got what I wanted and I started to question myself. Was it worth it? The sacrifice? The stress? Was it? The thing about doubt is: it spreads. You doubt your choices, you doubt your feelings, you doubt your capabilities, you doubt your strength and eventually: you doubt you. If you don’t have faith in you, then everyone around you becomes a liar.


Nathaniel Bassey | Onise Iyanu

Every time I talk about walking by His House and not actually stepping in… In February, I found a good place. A really good place. A good house with true words and another good thing: everyone left you alone. No one walks up to you to ask you silly questions, or try to be your friend, or try to get in your personal space. No one. It was good, for a minute and then I missed the feeling of family. Of being connected. Isn’t that what being a believer is all about: getting and staying connected?


There was more distance this year, but it was accompanied with a lot of respect. There were fights and there was healing. There was support and there was outright disapproval. There were moments when Vegas seemed like an easier option, but why would I deny my actual parents the benefit of giving me away because of other people’s parents? Amirikan Wonder. I learned the importance of being strong and deliberately separating yourself from people who are not… useful.


MAJOR | Why I Love You

Yasssssss. Panda put a ring on it. This is what we talk about and celebrate, but how do I tell you there were fukitol moments? There were moments of gold, and there were flashes of light. Moments when it seemed like we would throw 4 years away because of pride, anger and egos the size of mustard seeds with the power and strength to move mountains. We made it through and we still decided on forever. We will be alright for as long as we decide to be.

The 2nd Best Experience

Baileys + Bella Naija (BBN) Wonderland. After saying YES!, I started searching through BellaNaija to be sure that there would be BBN Wonderland this year. I remember the Style Cheapskate’s (Hi Alma!) post about BBN Wonderland last year and I remember dreaming and hoping on it and wishing on it. I got it. Amazing experience. Totally amazing.

On Friendships

I believe my circle grew tighter this year with one addition. You know, it is really nice to be able to review friendships and respect and appreciate the strengths of your friends. No one can be everything to you. You must also understand that if all your friends were the same person, you’d be a boring sandwich. -_- I love my potpourri.

On The Blog

Beyonce | Her entire work ethic, tbh.

What was I thinking? A Blog is not a hobby, it is work and you must be willing to put in the work. Consistency is something I lacked seriously… Remember the doubts I spoke about earlier? I am going to be honest enough to admit that my lack of consistency caused a lot of these doubts and the doubts in turn discouraged me. Vicious cycle. What will I do differently in 2017? I don’t know. Honestly.


I’ve broken down twice this year. Gave up on everything and I decided to quit everything and everyone. I am not ashamed to say I am not fully whole yet, but I am a work in progress.

To Ade Ori Mi, Abanirin mi. Abanirin irin ajo mi. May this journey bring us the best of life. Our love will grow from strength to strength.

You and I – Michael Bublé

To my spiritual roommates – Room 114 – Remember what I said last year? “May 2016 bring you all rings.” Well well well, well done guys.

To my brother, Tolulope – you hear me. You listen. We don’t get that much time (because Adulting), but Thank You.

To my sisters – Raihannah, Ademisola, Yewande and Valerie. Sisters of my heart … May 2017 bring us fulfillment!

To everyone with whom I shared happiness this year – You will never know sorrow. Fear will not come near your dwelling. There will never be a better yesterday – for you and for me. This marks the beginning of our best years.


Whatever you think, you are right and we will all be alright. My name is Vivian from 7am to 7pm on weekdays, any other time I don't know. I blog at www.thealaroro.com. I also like food. A lot.


  • Clarion says:

    “The thing about doubt is: it spreads. You doubt your choices, you doubt your feelings, you doubt your capabilities, you doubt your strength and eventually: you doubt you….”
    I had to share this…cos it captured thoughts I had been struggling to put into words. And that consistency too? Sigh, 2017 is gonna be alright.

  • Yewi says:

    ‘There will never be a better yesterday’. Deep. Actually took me a while to grasp the importance and essence of that prayer.

    May God bless you and yours and keep you basking in happiness.

  • Joy E says:

    Ameeeen, darling! God is on your side!
    Lemme go and download the songs here that I don’t have 😀

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