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Ever had a year so amazing, you worry about talking about it?

Especially because your default mode is usually: “Hello everybody, Ized’s here again, something just happen right now…”

Something is (was) always happening, but not 2017. This year just went on a steady up climb and it wasn’t about money (*whispers* I was broke for most part of the year).

Plus there’s the fear that talking about it may jinx it, because village people, so you desperately try to remember the hard parts of the year, so you can say “2017 was hard but we made…” see, I can’t even lie Fam!! 2017 was amazing!! Every month of the entire year!!

To think that by this time last year, I was on my way to Abuja. My mum was having a breast removal surgery, Cancer by the way is a b**ch! Her surgery happened early in the evening on the 23rd and my entire family was there, kids and grandkids, we prayed together, cried together, paced together, and celebrated the success of the surgery together.

We spread mats on hospital grounds and had such a laugh that we barely acknowledged mosquitoes and body pains. We spent Christmas day in the hospital, fed by cousins and family. It was weirdly one of the best parts of the year, we bonded, gave each other advice, talked about 2017 plans.

I think something changed on those hospital grounds. I left something behind.

It was almost like I had surgery myself, and what was removed from me was “the need for validations and approvals” (a disease worse than cancer, because it eats up your dreams, stops you from moving until your self appointed ‘gods’ give the nod). I entered 2017 determined to do it for me.

Live fully, Die empty.

‘#YearOfTheIzed’ I called it.

Things were different this year. My resolutions were dreams and bucket lists goals:


-Learn to drive a super bike.

-Own one.

-Lose 50kg – because better sex, better adventures, better dances and all round better everything usually requires better health and better movements.

-Learn to fly a helicopter.

-Convene a community.

-Learn. (Read more. write more. Do Online courses).

-Meet Richard Branson

-Wear a crop top – I love those darned half tops and I have never been able to wear one, because big belle”

-Teach and speak more across Africa.

-Work in an international org. Earn in dollars.


I realized something serious this year, “Money is great to have, but it’s not as important as you think it is in the pursuit of your goals.”

I also realized something else pretty important: you just have to want it bad enough, the Universe has a top notch delivery service, it will find you and it will serve you.

You see everything on my list- I went for it, (and drum roll…) Save for meeting Richard Branson and wearing that darned crop top, I achieved everything else.

Lost 51.2 kg at last count – I don’t snore anymore, my waist moves better and I can definitely touch my toes, easily and for longer periods now .

I drive a Kawasaki 650s, own that baby too, I started learning to fly a helicopter at IHFS in Enugu.

Then there was Papi who started secondary school boarding house, I feel positively old. (Don’t even say anything), I feel old, but I am not. Did I tell you I can move my waist and touch my toes so much better now?

Best of all this year, I learnt about the power of Ubuntu.

“A person is only a person because of other people”

Alone you can go, but you won’t get very far, together though, you can beat the odds.

DIGICLAN, the largest group of the coolest and smartest folks ever, folks who work in the digital media industry, constantly intrigued by all the learning I get to do in that circle. I found my fit, my circle, my family.

2017 was good. 2018 will be better, I learnt to dream unhindered and live fully and to try, regardless of what people say.

I learnt that failures are cool, everybody gets them, get up, keep going. The goal of life is not to ‘arrive safely at death’.


Let’s do an amazing 2018 together… do it for you.


In the comments, Write 5 (selfish) goals or things you want to achieve this year, then hashtag on twitter, #theyearofthe(Add your name).


Here’s to 2018! #TheYear!


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