Dusk: Olufikayo

He has made everything beautiful in ITS time.

– Ecclesiastes 3:11.

I met someone early in the year and she told me that she does not let the circumstances define her. She lives life to the fullest. The enthusiasm in her voice was attractive and I held on to her words literally. Little did I know that the challenges the year was going to throw at me would put those words to test.

The year has been tough on a lot of fronts: faith, health, work, relationships, family, finances. I don’t think 2016 prepared me for what 2017 was bringing my way. I remember laughing a lot while writing my 2016 review, as opposed the sombre outlook writing this now.  It is not so easy to reel a list of the fab things that happened during the year especially since the tough ones come to mind easily but I guess the lesson is gratitude.

I reached lows I couldn’t have imagined and sometimes couldn’t explain to get help. In and out of the hospital all year with no proper diagnosis of the health issues up till now. Living daily with pain and all I could do was take mild painkillers to reduce the pain and at the same time try not to become addicted to them. I zoned and kept re-zoning people out because they didn’t understand how I was feeling and it was exhausting trying to explain or have them walking on eggshells around me.

I am here though, still standing, meaning there’s hope for miracles and progress. Can’t give up and I am still believing for a number of miracles before the year ends.

Sometimes disappointments eventually work out in our favour. The supposed ‘lull’ I experienced this year made me divert my energy into some learnings such as Power BI for data analytics and website development. The self-taught website development classes gave birth to artsmatic.com, my website for sharing alternative music and arts events coming up in (www.Artsmatic.com) which I developed from scratch with Google as my helper.

Lovers of alternative music, Stage plays, Live music, dance and musical shows visit and subscribe to artsmatic.com to get information on these events happening soon in our Obodo Nigeria.

Love also came calling and I think it gets better with age for me, I surprised myself a bit. All the giddy feelings, willingness to help, forgiveness, forgiveness, letting go and stretching a lot more. Though it didn’t end as everyone hoped, I think sometimes all that counts is the experience. Surprisingly ready to give love a try again and hopefully, this time it will be final and long-lasting.

The grass withers, the flower fades,

But the word of our God stands forever.

        Isaiah 40:8

I expectantly look forward to 2018  and all she has to offer me and I am ready to work and rake in good news.


Olu Fikayo

I draw and manage business processes for a living.


  • Jennie says:

    My God! Are you me? I’ve penned my review and reading the similarities in yours…I’m totally gobsmacked. I know exactly how you feel, especially regarding the health. Over 1 year and counting hoping around hospitals and no diagnosis till date. You get irritated with comments like “hope you’re better now” or any question that puts pressure on you to be “better” when you actually are not. You’re battling depression from feeling stuck in a sick body, you’re tired of explaining to people because you don’t know for certain what the problem is!!!

    But believe you me, you will come out of it. Its what keeps me going. If you have the means, go for a medical check up outside the country. I plan to do this next year because Nigerian doctors seem lost whenever I visit a hospital now. If it requires saving up for or seeking support, please try. Waking up every single day and feeling “off” is a miserable way to live.

    Most importantly, trust God. This is particularly hard for me so I know it may be hard for you. To be honest, I may have lost my faith and I’m working on getting it back but I know its important and I need to take my own advice.

    Please be strong. You will come out of this. I know it.


  • Mosope says:

    Your testimonies are coming!

  • highlandblue says:

    Hi Olufikayo. Your joy will be restored and we will be here to read about it as well

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