Day 18: Aidee and Blessing

These two girls do not even know each other. But their entries were so short we had to put them up at once. I think we are also taking a breather from the emotional rollercoaster we have been on since this challenge began. So here we are…


Aidee (@flygurl_aidee)

Hope. Lost. Life. Heartache. Warmth. Tears. Laughter. Despair. Laughter. Pain. Numb. Joy. Love. Faith. Hope

There was no plan or was there? The plan didn’t go according to plan if there was one. I basically back packed through the year. Made many new friends, lost some old ones, renewed old ties. Cried a lot, laughed a lot. ‘Love lost before it could even be found’, loved and lost and loved again. Explored unfamiliar waters. Found comfort in the arms of family. Forgiveness, grace and strength to carry on He gave me.

First Quarter
Became a year older, felt no wiser. Loved and lost before we could find ourselves. Found solace in God and work. Resigned to faith. New acquaintances made.

Second Quarter
Witnessed the birth of my godson. He’s 7 months old and gets cuter every time I see him. There was a day I had gone to visit and I was carrying him, he touched my face with his hands and smiled. The miracle of life. 🙂 Watched and cried as two close friends got married, knowing I won’t see my bestie as often as I want to hit me hard. (Geographical reasons).
I had issues at work and was depressed for a while, when I finally confided in my mom, she told my dad and he called me. I cried after the call, all I can say is; I love my parents and I have the best family ever. They make everything alright.
I was at my lowest and a friend showed herself true,I found a sister in her. Strengthened friendship bonds.

Last Quarter
Watched another close friend get married. My other bestie was posted to where I stay. (Thank You Lord).

Faith, family and friends have seen me through the best and worst of 2011. With them, I know there’s hope for 2012.

Blessing (@Bll3ssin)

Fireworks, London Bridge, wine, laughter, beautiful people, music

The year begins with a bang
Prayers said, resolutions made
12 months, 52 weeks

A year of acceptance, throw your hands in the air like you don’t care,
of forgiveness, you only live once
of joy, laughter and irreplaceable friendship
of growth, of discovery, of self love
52 weeks, 365 days

Good music, great food, and the discovery of talents unknown
Incredible loving, acrylic nails, higher education, love found, love lost,
Promises made, promises broken
Opportunities, twitter
365 days, 8766 hours

My year of acceptance
Well the beginning of acceptance anyway, its getting better, I’m getting better. Last year was spent mostly in deep depression and suicidal thoughts, but its okay, because, no it hasn’t made me stronger or any of that bullshit, but spending a year lost and in pain, shook me up, made me understand myself a bit better.
Began this year in a numb state, life wasn’t fair, everybody hated me, I hated me. Nobody seemed to care, nothing seemed to matter anymore, maybe just maybe it would be easier if I was dead, maybe my heart would feel lighter and everything would hurt less.

Funny enough the best/worst thing about this year, was the ‘Planet of the Apes’. Movie. I suddenly realised that I’m going to die, maybe not today or tomorrow or the next 50 years, God willing, but it will happen at some point.
At some point, in my life, none of this shit will matter anymore, none of these people with their painful comments or their stupid ignorant thoughts will matter any longer.
It set me free,  its okay to be absolutely crazy and mad because there are people out there that like crazy and mad, and that was the best part of this year, getting to know people that appreciate me and love me for me, beginning this journey.

Have I changed? I think so, not
dramatically, but just enough to notice, just enough to be able to look myself in the mirror and crack a faint smile.
For me 2011 was the year I realised I couldn’t keep hating the me in me, and that maybe it was time to forgive and forget.
This was my moving on year, my letting go year, my ‘accepting Blessing with all her wrongs and her past and her madness’ year, and it may not be there yet, I’m not at that place where I can look at myself and smile fully and completely from my heart but I’m on my way. And I always, always finish my journeys.

So here’s to my 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8766 hours of self discovery and to everybody that hung about on the journey to this point, thank you very much  Here’s to 2012, and all its beautiful, unknown self.


So all our posts have been scheduled to go up. At their respective dates at noon till the end of the year. This means if you are reading this all entries have officially closed. It also means the completion of this 30 Day Blog Challenge is guaranteed. 😀 So yeah, subscribe, share, pray and comment.

Tomorrow Omotola (#NoJalade) will be holding sway on 19th Street here. Don’t miss a single day of the rest of this awesome series. 🙂


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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