Day 17: Motayo

“There, but for the grace of God, goes I” – John Bradford (1510- 1555)


Quiet start to the year, albeit spent at work in an offshore location without my family; prayers and hopes for a better year, without “occupying” anything. God obliged and it was drama free.

Started a journey I had no idea would take as long as it did. Sent my resume to a family friend who had been pestering me to “look outside” and awaited feedback. Had an interview third week of January. Nice start to the year.

Started an MBA program and I sure wasn’t prepared for the stress this would put on me.


February – March – April

Journey mercies, and finally getting into the groove of reading and learning some new things in the business world. As an engineer, I never thought all this other side of knowledge existed and all those actions and reactions in the business world are starting to make sense. A friend said something and I started rambling about how macro and micro-economic factors would affect something, and he smiled and said “I can see you are really learning something on this your program.” I felt good at that.



Great month. My month of acknowledging the power of God all over my life once again.

I was on my way back from Ibadan, when due to tiredness I dozed off for a few seconds, and the series of events that happened after that can only be a “scene from an action movie” (direct quote from my good “Lagosian” who drove me all the way back to Ibadan to report the incident at the police station and took me back to Lagos – God bless his heart).

I swerved to avoid hitting the car ahead of me, and swerved right back on seeing bushes ahead of me. The remaining was told to me on the way to Lagos. “The car disappeared into the middle section of the expressway for a few seconds, then shot up vertically into the air, all the time spinning about 4 times, then landed on the sided and rolled about thrice before coming to land on its tires.” The amazing thing is that through all this, I was firmly conscious and even tried to cover my face at a time, but just thought to myself: “If nothing has happened to me yet, then I should fear nothing.”

God is indeed good and I got out of the car myself unaided. Several cars had already parked and that day I saw the good side of Nigerians once again. People (bus drivers’ et al) were helping me scout for my possessions that had been flung far and wide and brought every single item and bank-note back to me. To all those that came to my aid, I say a big hearty thank you and to God, I continue to thank and worship.

Car 1


Car 2


June – July

Shaken and thoroughly confused for the next few days, I found it very difficult to concentrate on exams preparation for my program but I was able to take the exams nonetheless. Spent a better part of the month doing check-ups and resting.

Second semester started at MBA school, already tired of the program and I had two and a half years to go. It’s a marathon, my man, but we are definitely going to finish what we started. Ain’t no quitters here.


August – September

Journey mercies and contact from prospective company. God doesn’t forget. I was losing faith there for a minute but I have now gone from apathy concerning the new job to actually looking forward to it.



My birth month, thank God for seeing another year. He is always good to fulfil his promises. Spent the day at work as usual, as has been for the past four years. Need to fix that going into the new year. My wife always says it’s because I’m not around that she doesn’t turn up for me, so I’m looking forward to next year already.



Exam preparation is not easy. Too many things going on. I will survive; almost deferred the program, then I sent out a mail to someone and saw my mail signature:

To my GOD, a heart of Flame;
To my fellowmen, a heart of Love ;
To myself, a heart of Steel.

A heart of steel is what I need. I’ll get through this.



Paul Walker died and I revisited my May 22nd experience. God has been good for the year but, I can’t but think:

“There, but for the grace of God, goes Tayo O.”


Thank you father and I look forward to starting that new job next year. It’s not easy leaving my comfort zone, with the known brand and friends but of what use is my “heart of steel” if not to discover new processes and meet new people.

Bring on 2014.


Solid man, solid post. The fact that this could be written is a testimony in itself. We are so glad that your life was spared. More power to your elbows brother. Thank you



I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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