Day 16: ‘Dania

I walk on water

But I ain’t no Jesus.




Most of this year I have felt like I was looking in on my life from outside.

I watched myself make the boldest move I have ever made; watched me step out into water.

Now I’m watching pieces fall into place in ways I could never have seen coming.

Watching my feet tread the waves; deer style.

This year I stared down fear; fear that threatened to choke me.

The first time I felt the pull, I ignored it. i thought: “Nah, maybe a role change is all I need. A new organisation perhaps? A break? Time off? New boss?”

It’s time.

Is it?

Adannia, it’s time.

I don’t have enough; haven’t saved enough. Give me a year.


I’m scared. Look at these bills.


What will I do? Show me the plan.


Show me.

I Am.


This year I stared down fear, and I won.


I walk on water.

And I walk with Jesus.



featured image by Julie Dillon.



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