Day 15: Olufikayo

2016: YOU did try me…

2015 ended with mixed feelings, especially about things that I had earlier in the year hoped to achieve but had been dumped.

2016 began on a great note, full of expectations. I finally wrote that PMP exam with some dread but thankfully I passed it. I had a number of goals for the year as regards work, relationship, career, family and God.

The year threw me the biggest curve I have experienced since I started my journey on earth.

Work became miserable, less fun and frustrating, especially because I wasn’t sure of what next I needed to do with my life. You know when you find yourself going through mazes not making progress, not enjoying the experiences and yet knowing that you can’t move to the next level without learning all the lessons/ improvement in the current situation.

I finally started driving full-time after bagging the award of attending the highest number of driving schools in my family. I think I’m calmer and more patient when driving, a bit determined not let the full Lagos driving sickness overpower me. Ask me again next year, we’ll see how that mission goes. I even took care of babies, yes, a big deal where I am concerned, with my phobia for them.

When friends ask what has inspired my weight loss/ team fitfam journey, I say nothing, and some of them don’t believe. It all started late 2013 when I started exercising and I noticed I lost a few kgs without putting in too much, then I decided to pursue it and see where it got me. Slowly, I kept losing and making progress on it. It only sucks that almost every other time you need to change your wardrobe because you have shed some weight. This year I lost more than I could imagine, only that it comes with its own baggage of lack.

This year, I truly understood what it means to lose someone, ooh boy, and I did eventually cry. Nengi, our full of life and optimistic friend lost the battle to cancer. Some days I wonder how his family is getting by when we his friends are still this way. I guess it’s harder to understand death when it never crossed your mind it could happen. Despite all the plans, it just reminds me that life doesn’t always go the way we planned. Through this time, Bemyoda always was my company and would launch me to thinking of all the times we spent together. Life is really short.  Through it, I re-learnt the true value of friendship and put more conscious effort into checking up on friends, because you never know…

My friends know that babies and I don’t exactly gel; I’m somewhat scared of them. But this year man, I carried babies, bathed them, even changed diapers. My friends would know it’s a great feat, it has always been a wonder how I ended up carrying babies.

When depression hit me, I just couldn’t own up to that because to people, I was the same except close friends and I sure did avoid them. Grateful that they didn’t let me be and pushed for me to resolve the issues. It also made me realise maybe I’m just a softie inside, who would have known?

Career/side hustle- got a couple of things I want to achieve in 2017, and by God’s grace, a lot more would get done, because 2016 sure did straighten me and give me some difficult exams.

So 2017 should be the year to be taken, not bothered it will happen when its time. Looking forward to a 2017 with more fun milestones and plenty progress.

He makes everything beautiful in His time.

Olu Fikayo

I draw and manage business processes for a living.

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  • “I finally started driving full-time after bagging the award of attending the highest number of driving schools in my family.”


    Congratulations Olufikayo. It will get better. Keep hoping and believing.


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