Day 15: ‘Lade


The lines have fallen for me in pleasant Places, Yeah, I have a goodly heritage

(Na Psalms e dey, I no know chapter and verse.)

2013 was stressful.

I got married, got pregnant, and defended my M. Sc project, while working fulltime.  December 15, 2013 was the start of my delivery date countdown. It was just that baby refused to come December 2013.

Enter, 2014. (Drum roll please, Heineken Advert style, Thank you)

I entered January this year heavily pregnant, irritable and tired. Can this baby just hurry up and come?
Baby came 2nd week of January. Na so I become parent o.  Me, wey be say some few months back, I dey my papa house.

Babies are cute.

They are also the best hostage takers because they don’t negotiate.
They capture your heart, your pocket, your time with no intention of letting you go in the nearest future. Na very big responsibility parenting be.

I love being married, it’s been wonderful. Friction dey dey o but Baba God tanda gidigba for us.

I finally graduated from grad school (abi no be so oyinbos dey call am) with Distinction in M.Sc Microbiology.  I also got promoted at work though the promotion no come when e suppose come. We bless God. Hallelu! Hallelujah!

2014 wasn’t always good.

Boko Haram made 2014 sad for me. For the first time since I was born, I felt defeated as a Nigerian. I thought wide. I live in South West Nigeria. I don’t even want to think about Boko Haram in South West, but people are dying every day in the North from bomb attacks.

Boko Haram is not a Northern problem, it is our problem. I felt like relocating but I don’t even have an international passport nor the funds for it. Even if I do, where I wan relocate too? I don’t have another country.

Bros. Jonathan just dey fall our hand anyhow this year. Dem rebase economy but nothing dey ground for us common man. Him even wan ban Ponmo!!! What a sacrilege!!! How dem even think am? Ponmo don cost now. Corruption sef no let us see front. Na N187 to $1 now.  Like play like play, Oga Keshi no qualify us for AFCON. Na to dey watch Africa Magic for DSTv in January 2015. Na so Bros  Moyes condemn a whole Manchester United to ridicule last season.

2014 taught me a lot.

I learnt the power of prayer, impossibility is nothing.
I finally learnt how to drive a car, though na auto (na manual better abi, issokay, na you know).
I learnt patience at work. I learnt to relax about office work. Not every time do the works of others because you have finished yours, sometimes, let people be responsible for their actions and inactions.   Emi ise gun ju emi eyan lo men.
I learnt there is power in silence. You cannot be misquoted for what you have not said.
I learnt there is power in submission to your husband. A happy husband is a happy wife. A happy wife is a happy home.
I learnt that no two marriages are the same. Mine is different from yours, what works for yours may not work for mine.  I learnt that children are different.

I also learnt that human life is so fickle. R. I. P to all those who died this year.

I have a funny philosophy, the last year is the worst year there is in my life, that even though things might be difficult initially, they will always get better.  2014, you were good and very fast while you were here. Pepper never rest, things cost but we sha no borrow, we dey get money buy data and fuel for generator.

Baba God, thank you o, daalu, Ese o. I can never thank you enough.

Here’s to 2015, a better, brighter, glorious year. Cheers.



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