Day 15: Georgina

Welcome Georgina to the stage please…
Deciding to share my year with Efe’s readers was a spur of the moment thing as most of the second half of this year has been.  This year, I chose not to weigh every thought before plunging in and I have no regrets.

Right now, I’m typing this in my mum’s kitchen while making dinner for the girls and I’ll attempt to summarize my 2011. I’m currently trying to lose the 9 kilos (it may have gone up) I’ve gained in the last couple of months and every time I say it around anyone, they act like I’m auditioning to be Queen Eliza’s court jester. I maintained a certain weight range till my unfortunate visit to my family but, I won’t lie sha, I have had some good food experiences there (Onuoha has refused to encourage me to lose weight but God will shame bad people.)

Finding Onuoha after years of separation was one of the best things to happen this year. Onuoha, my Onuoha, you know I like you lots right?

I’m still not over losing my bestie in 2010 and no amount of deaths I heard about this year could break the wall that’s formed in my heart. I still blame myself for travelling even after she said it was okay. Not like it would have made any difference but still…*sigh*

This year served as an eye opener into some of the friendships I’ve maintained for a while. Some were downright shocking and some left me speechless (in a good way). I’ve spent the last few months rediscovering certain things about me and it’s cost me the closeness of a number of friends. However, I’m unapologetic about the space cos it was bound to happen.  Quick one though, depression is real and isn’t an excuse for a pity party. People who get depressed aren’t weaklings. If you know nothing about it, please read this public plea: Consult google or let your lips learn to be best friends with each other.

The relationship aspect of this year has been anything but good but, I survived and I’m sexually alive (what more could a girl ask for?) My ex still feels guilty and I milk it for all its worth. One thing I know though, is that my love for the Yoruba ethnic group has cooled down by several hundred degrees (take your arguments to the Lord in prayer.)

I’ve made headway in my business. Though I’ve had a few rough months, I’m thankful for people like Gbenga who have refused to let me be less than I have the potential to be.

Twitter…I’ve met quite a number of people through twitter (the interesting, the comical and the downright irritating.) Being one who loves meeting people, I took things a step further by getting to meet some of these people physically and I’m glad I did.

The rape stories I heard this year alone ripped my heart and brought too many deeply buried memories to the surface. There is no man on earth that can convincingly tell me that a rape incident was a woman’s fault. For this and many other reasons, my resolve to build a knife collection and somehow start taking shooting lessons next year is stronger than ever. I don’t believe in letting God or the law handle rapists, I believe in making it impossible for them rape again.

God….this has been the most questioned part of my life this year. Does God exist? Does He care? What’s all this bullshit about letting things happen the way they do if it’ll cause pain and unhappiness? I’m no atheist and  I know a lot about the bible but, this year for the most part, I refused to go to church or listen to the words of a pastor because most of them are known to be shittier than a toddler potty. I don’t find what I’m looking for in any church and see no need in fooling myself into attending services. I hope I find what I’m looking for.

I look forward to a great 2012 and so, I have a few words:

Never let anyone demean you.

Plant your own garden and water your own soul

Be happy, you only live once!

But Georgina is a Thorny Rose tho. We should expect to see a surprise writer on here tomorrow. See you 🙂


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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