Day 13: Amara

Year 2017.

Every year, just when I decide to send my review in, something interesting always happens. Not always good per se, but interesting enough to spice up what’s left of my year and still make me learn new things.

This year can be described in two words: “ADULTING 101”.

In February this year, my mum turned 60 and retired from the Civil service. Not only did that happen, she also moved back to Lagos to be with my Dad. At first, I refused to think about it. I buried myself in the planning of her retirement and birthday party. At first, it felt very overwhelming to be the one to single handedly plan and execute a party of that size, which for the most part she didn’t know about. I’m talking about the design and printing of the invites & programmes, sourcing of the vendors, hand making the centerpiece decorations for the tables, hand making some of the souvenirs and sourcing for others, getting people that won’t be around to send in goodwill videos and creating a slideshow, organising and coordinating everyone on that day! *whew* It was fun and stressful. It was well attended and we thank God for provision.

Then came the time for her to relocate. It felt so surreal. I’m actually going to be living alone? Like ALONE? I had always toyed with the idea of living alone and doing my own stuff but when it actually came up and I weighed the reality of things, a lot of things went through my mind; I wondered how I would survive. Whoever knew there were so many bills to be paid? Security bill, Gas bill, Electricity bill, DSTV bill, Water bill (which I forgot to pay for two months and they cut us off, without warning! *sigh*), Tenement rate bill, Waste bill etc. At a point my constant prayer was that no equipment in the house should get bad because, OYO is its case.

Slowly but surely I built confidence in myself that I could do this. I remember opening my eyes around 1am for no particular reason one night, to see a socket which I never use in my room burning up with speed. My first thought was Who do I call? I remembered I’m now alone. Second thought was God what do I do? and I heard Stop feeding the fire and I just knew what to do. I immediately ran to turn the change over switch from PHCN to neutral and the fire went out. Of course before I could switch back, I had to figure out a way to disconnect the socket from the mains. My hammer and all had to come into play because the socket had melted. When the Electrician came the following day, he told me that I should be grateful to God, because the wires got bridged and the fire could have actually razed the house down.

Another time, I smelt leaking gas in the kitchen. I was in a hurry the first day so I just switched it off from the regulator after use. The second day after cooking I decided to investigate properly. It was then I realized that my flatmate had used one of the gas burners and had turned it down instead of turning it off. So while I was cooking with the other burner, this one had been leaking. I thanked God because houses have exploded for less.

I learnt to enjoy my company. Think more; write more, read more and research more. Of course that made me more of a recluse than I already was but hey! I’ve got the whole day time to interact with people!

I discovered my love for photography. I fully understood that this genotype thing can bite when you least expect. I learnt how to be more accommodating and easily forgiving. I learnt how to be diplomatic with difficult people.

This year, I survived. I would have loved to do more than survive, but it could have been worse.

I have a good feeling about 2018. They say your twenties are the “discovery years”. I’m set to discover all I can, try all I can till I can eventually settle fully into who I am. I feel a shift is about to happen and I know it will all work out in my favour. Cheers to a fabulous 2018!



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