Day 12: Toluwalope

“For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” Romans 8 vs 18

2017 started on a bleak note for me. I just knew it was a New year but I wasn’t certain how it would turn out because I had a TERRIBLE 2016. 2016 is a year I hate to remember; I was depressed and unhappy but I knew there was so much to live for despite losing a major investment in December 2016. Still, I felt my walls crashing.

I have the belief that a New year ushers in a fresh atmosphere, a feeling of hope and an avenue to look forward to great tidings on all fronts. At this point I had stopped asking God for anything, deciding instead that praise and worship would be my forte (music is the most powerful tool in my life).

So I picked theme songs for the year, Travis Greene’s “Made a way”, and “Intentional” and then Nathaniel Bassey’s “Onise Iyanu”. I can’t tell you how much these songs lifted my spirit. I was ready to face the year, no matter the trials ahead.

Suddenly Le Hubs called me that we had won a contract. See this was BIG considering we were so broke and from nowhere 2 weeks into the New year a deal landed in our hands without stress.

As a business woman, the Convener of the Experience God’s Blessing (EGB) Foundation, I soared high and started speaking at public events.. I didn’t know where the grace and carriage came from but I nailed every event, all thanks to Jesus & my support system, Le Hubs. I also mentored four young people who saw the potentials I carry (what potential biko, I no see am o) They entrusted me with their business ideas and plans. To my delight they have started to do exploits in their chosen fields little by little.

The EGB foundation is my baby. I have nurtured and grown it with the help of so many people who believe in the vision to make a difference in our society and touch one life at a time. This year we visited 6 hospitals in total, bearing gifts and also helping the downtrodden pay their bills. We also reached out to students who couldn’t for one reason or the other pay their school fees, I derive so much joy in seeing the smiles on the faces of everyone we have blessed this year. I couldn’t have achieved this alone so I send a huge thank you to every CHANGE AGENT who has in one way or the other volunteered and donated to every cause that I have championed. Service to others is the rent you pay on earth. For updates on all we’ve achieved please visit

I’m also known as Iyalaje Cotonou. I’m glad that despite the lemons life threw at me this year in my business I still made juicy lemonade. I’m happy for side gigs I got this year, it’s part of the hustle that pays the bills. I grew tremendously, I became more mature, tolerant and I made sure that happiness wasn’t far from me.

I slayed hard this year, every picture was a back to back HIT! Lmaooooooo, it was intentional, looking good makes me happy.


I had another big win in September, my daughter got admitted into Secondary School. WHOOOOOP! E no easy, small me now a mama of a Senior geh. See ehn we took so many pictures on her first day of resumption, I wonder what we’ll do when she graduates. It was a big accomplishment for Le hubs and I. Our lil’ angel has grown into a fine young lady and I can’t stress it enough how my husband has done an amazing job in making sure this child has a good head on her shoulders. He’s such a hands on guy, always there to support and walk with her on her journey through life.

The last few months of the year have seen me through some major leaps. I can also use the On Becoming slogan because something good is in the pipeline. I’m waiting for God to unfold it at his own time! I’m super grateful to God for showing me how to trust him, for waiting for me to realise that with him I can move mountains, for being the Onise Iyanu in my life, for his mercies, for grace, for his kindness and his blessings.

All in all, I can say Olowogbogboro turned things around for me, I’ll leave you with this

God has got times and seasons in his hands
He called for light out of darkness
He doesn’t need a man to be the God he is
But he has chosen to call you his own.

Have a very Merry Christmas and may 2018 be filled with great tidings & Joy for you


Mrs Moore

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