Every year, I pick up my notepad and write about my year, sometimes noticing how it follows similar trends, but yet still write. Never in these three years of writing have I been as uncomfortable while writing as I am this year.

If you didn’t guess NYSC, you are so so wrong.

I’m in one of the orientation camps located in the federation waiting for all of this to end. But that won’t stop my review.

Maybe it’ll affect the form it’s going to take. It would normally come as a long essay paragraphed and probably dividing the year into segments like I did last year, but this year, I’ve decided to make it a talk show So it’s me interviewing Frank about how his 2015 went.



Me: So, straight to the point, how was your 2015?

Frank: It was good. It started with a promotion at work when I resumed late January, and then life rolled on, continuously. One more promotion came mid year, and then things I enjoyed doing became not just hobbies, but money yielding ventures. I think this year was totally amazing!


Me: Meaning you had no low points?

Frank: Of course I had low points. A whole lot of them. I don’t think it’s humanly possible not to have low points in the whole year.


Me: So spill, tell us about these low points

Frank: I’ll talk about the long term low points. For one, I had issues at work for a while. There were days where I  had to deal with my superior at work. It would be somehow baring it all because this person may read this, but for that period, there was little or no job satisfaction. Then, there were days when loneliness got the best part of me. Some days, when you have people around but you can’t feel them or maybe the ones who lurk around aren’t the ones you want to. Then, my school result came out and I graduated with a second class lower. Came as a bigger shock to me when I saw it. I’m not saying I’m that brainy and all, but I was really expecting and praying for a second class upper. I was down for a while as a result. Took me quite sometime to really accept that it was my result. I only told my parents about it sometime this month and we’ve not had a serious discussion about it (because NYSC). I think of it somedays, and the morale goes low really. But I’ve signed a pact with myself to strive harder, and even have a lot on my plate, more than the guys with the first class results.


Me: So what are your plans for 2016?

Frank: I don’t know. I intend to keep writing as the year comes in. But I’m going to be working in Ondo state for my service year, so I look forward to it. I also plan on getting my masters. Typically, I’d want something around media, journalism and writing but I don’t think my parents would want to hear that they’re paying for that (at least not now). So I’m looking out for scholarships that commence late 2016 or early 2017. If it doesn’t work out (that is, media, I’d try out something around my field of study)


Me: What would you correct about 2015 if you could?

Frank: Early 2015, I made a career choice that I would want to change. I had the option of picking between two jobs, and I ended up picking the one I resigned from (which I have no regrets). However, if I was open to doing it again, I’d probably pick the one I rejected. Proper thinking has made me realize what I lost. I’d also want to delete a lot of one minute careless mistakes I made. Let’s not even go into that.


Me: So let’s talk about relationships. How has your relationship with God, family, friends been this year? Anything you plan working on in 2016?

Frank: With God, it’s in the works. I’m learning to love him everyday. There’s a whole lot of distraction most times, but I promise to work harder to love and know him even more. With my nuclear family, I’d say it’s just there. We love each other, and we fight when we need to. Somedays, it’s both parents, other days, it’s one of them and on other days, it’s one sibling or the other. But the underlining factor is we love each other. With friends, I think I like where it is. I used to be a fan of “small talk”


“Hello, what’s up”

“I’m good”

“Fine. Just wanted to check on you”


But this year, I like how it stopped. Not that I don’t buzz people I need to talk to but it’s not like before. I talk to the people I need to talk with and that’s fine. (PS – Everyone complains on how I prefer to send an instant message rather than call, so that’s one thing I’d look out for in 2016)


Me: Love?

Frank: Not yet. And I’m not trying. If it comes my way, fine. If not, I can like to rest.


Me: Favorite music, movie and book of 2015?

Frank: I love music. So I can’t mention just one. I’d give you at least five.

  • Forever – Bemyoda
  • Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding
  • You Suppose Know – Bez
  • Purple Jar – Brymo
  • Can’t Feel My Face – The Weeknd
  • Jamb Question – Simi

There are a whole lot of them, but let’s leave it at this. For movies, I don’t know. I’m going to say I really liked Beast of No Nation, maybe because that’s the most recent 2015 movie I saw. For books, I don’t know. Every book I read this year really seemed average to me, nothing really excited me. But for an honorary mention, let’s say The Time Traveler’s Wife was good.


Me: Anything that has kept you going throughout the year?

Frank : I’d say God. I’m not going to make this very religious but I’d just say that it’s been him all the way. Everyday, I’m reminded of his constant love for sinners which he keeps talking about in his holy book. And it changed the mindset I used to have long ago, where I wouldn’t say “hello” to him because I was deep in sin.


Me: What lessons do you want people to take home this year?

Frank: First, I’d start with you laying your bed out before sleeping. It’s when you lay your bed you see the thorns and sand on the bed, and clear it up before sleeping. Also, live life to the fullest. I don’t know that has been my  motto lowkey this year. Above all, commit it all to God and you’ll be just fine.


Me: What’s your plan for the rest of the year?

Frank: Eat, sleep and rest. As you read this, I’m a few days away from leaving the NYSC orientation camp. So when I’m home, I’ll eat and supply my body with all the things I missed, sleep and make up for all the early mornings here and rest.


Me: Thank you for having us Frank

Frank: You’re welcome! Let’s do this again sometime next year.


Interviews with Frank are nothing but the best. I love your openness and clear headedness. And, my friend, aren’t you too young to be searching for love?! I wanted to ask one other person like that who wrote the same thing LOL.

Thank you for sharing!


Frank Ugo

Lover of food, music, books and life.


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