Day 12: Frank Ugo

Last year, I was on 19th street talking about my year. It doesn’t feel like it’s been a year – it’s like months, not days. That would be excess exaggeration on my part. The year before, I learnt to be more patient, enjoy your life to the maximum and love yourself more. This year, these are what I learnt:

Don’t let people choose for you:  This year, I became a BSc. Holder, after studying Applied Microbiology and Brewing Science for four years. Just last week, my name was released among 54 in a class of 200 to commence clearance immediately. (You see how God works?) Truth of the matter was that I wouldn’t have been surprised if I had a carryover. My first, second and third years in the university weren’t all that beautiful – probably me trying to find my feet or maybe I should just accept I was a tad unserious and too playful. So you probably know why I was very excited when I came up to speak about the results thing. There’s a saying that says “When a door closes somewhere, God is opening another window elsewhere for you”. Now, I don’t know if this is God, but even before the door closed for Applied Microbiology and Brewing, my cousin in collaboration with my parents have started opening the window to Engineering, Chemical preferably. It’s like my entire maternal family knows what’s best for me. This said cousin has a husband who’s a big man at Chevron and keeps giving my mum the assurance that “once he graduates, we’ll find him a job at Chevron, ebe a na akwu ugwo ofuma (where they pay very well)”. So when I and my mum are having a very casual conversation, she just slips it in like. “Adaora’s son, what is he even studying?” (knowing fully well that he’s studying Engineering.) How did Adaora’s son come into this conversation? Even my illiterate uncle knows it’s engineering that’s the best course for me. Truth of the matter is that, I’m not a Physics person (I blame it on my teacher who missed classes and made us read textbooks) and even if I wanted to, it won’t work. I’m not reading engineering, not today, not any day.

Suru lere:  Patience is the key really. This year, I learnt it in the most trying conditions. I got into a lot of trouble this year, there were long nights which either ended up with tears and all that but at the end of the dark tunnel, there’s light. You know when you’re about to do something stupid after waiting for so long and then, there’s the light (that’s what I mean). It might take way too long in coming, but it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t come. Believe me, you’ll love it better when you never esperred it. Also, there’s nothing wrong in crying. There are a lot of people who feel crying is for losers (lol) at least I’ve heard it from someone. See, there’s nothing wrong in crying your eyes out when you need to, and later, make-up with a smile. Absolutely nothing.

Go out more often: Most times at the office when I get asked to attend events, probably run the social media feeds and all that and as usual, I’d always turn those down. This year I turned up to the fullest. It’s very good for you to go out and socialize more. At least, I can do certain stupid things around certain people. (Someone has a video of me dancing to a song by Wizkid I can’t remember).  Not every time sit down and be alone, sometimes go out. Funny thing is the more you go out and be happy, the more you forget about the things that should/would make you angry.

Apart from these few things I learnt, I worked on relationships:

Family: This year, I bonded with my younger brother. Our relationship from the onset has been a rocky one. We’ve always not been that close. You know, he has a lot of friends and he’s the direct opposite of me. But this year, we became closer. He could confide in me and tell me stuff he did whether good or bad (mostly bad). He would apologize now when he did something wrong compared to the old brother of mine who would ignore you and let it pepper you. He even taught me to do the shoki. I’m thankful for you, original baby boy.

Friends: This year, I think I did well with making friends. I opened up to a few, bonded with a few, slammed a few, ignored a few and you know, be disappointed in a few. You’ll need these people at strategic points in your life, when you’re lonely, when you’re down, when you feel you can’t move on and you’re stuck. You need them in the good times, when you’re happy and need to share good news, when you need to spend time and enjoy laughter with people. I completely suck at this thing you know? I do. Another thing I want to avoid is this open book nature I have. Have you ever felt like you’re telling this person way too much? And you don’t know a single detail about the person? That happens half of the time when I converse with people.  It’s even worse when the person decides not to even reveal. That happened a lot this year.

Me:  I’m thankful for progress this year. I’m happy there are people who genuinely care about my shit. I’m happy about the opportunities that knocked on my door this year. I like the person I’m becoming really. I missed the bit where I wrote; I cannot even remember when last I sat down to write. Sometimes, I go through my past work on my laptop and just read through. I think I might need a writing class before I start writing fully again. This thing needs to go away really so I can find something to do again, something that I can channel my emotions into.

In all, 2014 was a much better year for me, filled with a whole lot of happier moments. I hope 2015 is a year of laughter, greater heights, love and more love. Here to a beautiful 2015.


I’m not even joking. Younger people are smarter than us these days. You need to meet Frank Ugo to understand what I’m saying. We are enjoying watching you grow. Dare we dream of a throwback to this post ten years from now? I’m typing this line specifically for when that happens. You will be great 🙂 Thank you for sharing.


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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