Day 11: Nugwa

“Nugwa (@Nugwatweets) is just a Christian boy…”


So with the exception of a few posts the general feed from the writers on this “everybody-talk-your-own” exercise is that 2011 wasn’t the greatest year ever. Sorry to poop on your party. Mine was great. As in my greatest year yet… come back with me a little lets see why…
*Date; March 2008
Venue; University of Benin
It was a cold morning. It had rained all night. I had been running a fever and it made me sleep a little more. We had this demon of a lecturer named Dr. Aisien. And his was the 8 o’clock class. Once he’s in, just go back home. Don’t even bother. To make matters worse we were to have his test that day.
I walked in expecting the usual “get out of my class” retort and he didn’t disappoint. I begged him to no avail after which I resigned to not writing the test. That afternoon I walked into his office and tried to prove to him that I was sick. He asked to feel my temperature. He did. Burning hot. See me thinking he would give me a make up test. Let me quote him…

So maybe you’re sick but how does that affect me? You could be dead for all I care and all we’ll do in this department is wear black for a day, at least others will, I won’t. My point is, the only reason you’re sick is that “life” recognizes that you’re weak, and weak people get sifted out. It’s called natural selection. It’s fate’s way of telling you that you don’t belong here. The closest you’ll ever get to becoming an engineer will be to teach physics, maths or chemistry in one secondary school…

He kept on talking but I stopped hearing what he was saying. Me? Peak at being a secondary school teacher?
The drive I received from that statement was unquantifiable. I swore to myself that I would practice process engineering even it was the last thing I did.

So when I quit my job with Sprint, a Fortune 500 company, people thought I was mad. I took a pay cut because I got an offer from a firm to work as a process engineer. That was the height of my year, only second to something else which I’ll write about later. I remember sitting in front of my dual monitor computer sizing a process heater and getting teary-eyed. I felt like screaming “f*ck you Aisien!!! Who decrees over my future when God hasn’t ordained it!” I didn’t do the scream obviously… to avoid getting fired.

My low points were plenteous. But one sticks out like a period stain on a female naval officer. I remember one month when I had to call my mum back in Naija to beg for rent money. My pride was so much that even calling my own mum for money was unspeakable. I hadn’t gotten the Sprint job yet and I was two days away from getting evicted. After the phone call I sat on the floor, put some peanut butter on the last slice of bread I bought with my last $3 and wept like a baby. Those who know me know that my ego is bigger that anything Beyonce can handle. And I really mean my ego, not whatever Beyonce was talking about. I wept so hard I had a headache. But there was something about this particular low point I can’t explain. After getting so angry at God I was about to start talking to him, not praying, physically talking to Him and telling Him how disappointed in Him I was. I opened my mouth, but something else came out. A language I don’t understand. A language I hadn’t spoken in quite a while. ( Those of you who don’t understand/ believe in “speaking in tongues” should please bear with me. This is my story and my belief ). And after about 15 minutes of weeping, snorting and “talking crazy”. I finally became calm and started speaking English. I caught myself muttering the words “God, if you’re testing me, you’ll tire first… because I’ll praise you in this storm”. And with tears in my eyes, I got up and started dancing, with no music, no money and no food. I was dancing. Crying and smiling and dancing. When I was done, I sat on the couch. Deep down in my heart I felt I was not alone in my apartment, and with that feeling came my remembering the verse “God inhabits the praises of His people”… That, was a night I’ll never forget till I die…

Efe once tweeted “Nugwa is just a Christian boy”. That statement is so true. I try not to show it so as not to seem offensive, but it’s who I am. I’m NO GOODY TWO SHOES. I did too many things this year that I shouldn’t have done. Things I know go against my core being. But here I am, at the end of a year in which I matured the most. I’m 22, living a life so many of my ex-classmates speak about living in the next 4/5 years. I have nothing to be sad about. Just grateful. Grateful that God saw it fit to put me where I am today. 2011 was the year that I realized I was special in someone’s eyes, and this person has the whole wide world, rolling loosely, in His palm.
I could write so much more but I won’t. I’m smiling as I write this. Picture that smile, and think about all the good AND bad things that can cause it… yeah… That was my year… I’m out.


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I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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