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For so many reasons, I chose this song as the soundtrack to my year, not because I expected to feel sad or be disappointed but then, you couldn’t say. I’m Niro, and this is my year in retrospect.

Even though I didn’t set resolutions for the year, I had this burning desire to take filmmaking seriously this year and also graduate with my mates and probably grow a beard. 🙂

The new year met me in church in my hometown, Ikuru town, (a relatively quiet town off the shores of the Atlantic ocean)… And after the usual vigils and bangers that greeted such ‘events’, the camera for me was set to roll. [Selah]. Unlike most Nigerians, I didn’t wake up to occupy the nation, (a physical reaction to the January 1st broadcast by the president on the removal of fuel subsidy), since the part of the country where I come from is pro-jonathan (Southern Nigeria). School resumption had to be delayed after the NLC embarked on a nationwide industrial action.

Fast forward to a few days later and my family was thrown into fasting and prayers. The aftermath of reading “Our Daily Manna”. Needless to say, that was the darkest moment of January to me 🙁 … The hunger was unequalled as we had to stick to fasting and prayers till the good people at NLC called off their strike and I headed back to school just in time for February.

February is what I’d like to refer to as my solemn month, and this has nothing to do with the fact that on valentine’s day I was without a val but due to the fact that I resumed at UNIBEN for the last session in my degree programme and also got elected as the vice president in charge of Information and communications at AIESEC Benin. Blissful I tell you.

In March after 2 years, I finally had the guts to enter into a relationship. Needless to say, it was an experience which had a lot of learning points for me. And also gave me a whole new perspective to dealing with people and what life was about and I finally took off my afro 🙁

In April I set up MADE IN UNIBEN with @Melberry_ which is one of the most significant points of this year. It gave me the opportunity to learn a lot: From branding to setting up a company. We did a lot of planning even without a budget and somehow things just fell into place; Mel built the site and the rest is history. Do check it out at

I really can’t remember all that transpired between May to August, but I remember I was in school, and in-between that, did a little planning the music for my niece’s wedding which came out perfect. Meanwhile, my little sister, the last of over 17 siblings passed her WAEC with very good grades.

In September, another niece of mine got married, the second in a row. Chill… she’s way older than I am, but you get my drift? I’m the uncle 🙂

October was the month I wrote my final undergraduate exams… Five courses over two weeks and wham! I was done with putting up with the system I’d come to hate so much; small Niro was out of school before I knew it and till today I still can’t believe I’m a graduate. In your face Idahosa! Sigh.

In October also, my nephew had a son!!! Yea, you saw that right. My brother’s son, had a son, so I’m now more of a “grand uncle”.

November… The month of my birth. Spent the greater part of the month working on my project. My birthday came and went, not without its high points *see what I did there :D* I submitted my research project, arguably the only thing I took seriously in my four years of studying political science and public administration; and shot my first music video which is still in post production because my system walked out on me (donations are welcome for an HP Envy).

Also in November, the Nigerian Blog Awards came and Playbookutunu was nominated for Best Humor blog, and even though TSC won that award for the second year running *evil grin*, it’s still worthy of note. Which reminds me of the fact that I actually started blogging often this year thanks to Mayowa “Wana” George who gave me the push. A big thanks to those who featured me on their blogs and to those I still owe posts… I’d deliver before Christmas next year 😀

Also in November, Nephew number two for the year came around. So I had a second nephew to add to the already teeming population. At the last count I think I had over 20 of them already. 🙂

Unlike 2011 when I was on the road virtually every month, I slowed down on travelling. Didn’t visit any new city, only travelled to Enugu for a conference and that was it. I spent the most part of the year in Benin. And a greater part of the year on the internet; social media and tutorial sites in particular.

In 2012, I also got back to my department’s football team winning the dean’s cup in the process but losing out of a place on the team that played the vice chancellor’s cup due to travel schedules.

It’s December, and I’ve moved back to Port Harcourt (since the last week of November) and back to DJing. Also planning the way forward for me before NYSC comes with its attendant “wahala”. But while I’m at it, the Port Harcourt city Carnival, Carniriv is taking place just behind my house, so I guess I have no reason to miss out… Or so I think

This year taught me a few things which I would love to share with you.

1. 2012 taught me that you don’t have to fight to stay in someone’s life. If its not working, you should learn to walk away – relationships

2. It also taught me that, it’s not the effort you put into achieving something that really matters but the outcome of your efforts. Nobody will see you making an effort but everybody will see the outcome. It’s left to you; do you want people to see an effort or people to appreciate an outcome? – academics

3. I learnt that, you must always tell yourself the truth regardless of the consequences. The greatest harm you can do to yourself is saying “It is fine”, when you know deep down, things are as rough as the palms of a shoe maker that just applied gum to a shoe – family

4. It’s a matter of time, what cannot be cured, with time will be endured. There’s shortcut to it, if someone breaks your heart, don’t drink hypo. Instead head to your favourite spot and talk to “udeme” – Udeme

5. If it hurts you say it. There’s nothing as bad as being in pain and still trying to cover up. You never know where help is coming from – human relations

6. Words work. Yea I said it, words work wonders or rather “washing” works wonders. You can get that major contract just by reciting some words of wisdom to your client – human relations

7. Be kind, it might be the last chance you have at showing that person kindness – human relations

8. The things you hold dearly will most certainly let go of you before you know it. Even though we want to hold on tight to some things, life hits us hard in the face and that reminds us of the reality. Nothing is permanent. Even the life you live. – Family

Very many thanks to the people that made my year what it turned out to be. The twitter timelines that I turned to for jokes in those days of heartbreak, especially @Sirkastiq’s. @TheLazyMedic too for giving me some hard words of wisdom when I couldn’t cry anymore. My flatmates, my classmates at UNIBEN and all of you at AIESEC. And to the packs of noodles that came to my rescue those nights when my stomach spoke in high tones. And to Efe for letting me write this here. Thanks a lot.

Seeing that I did not set any resolutions the previous year. I’d say this year was a great one for me. How was yours?


Felt like this was written by a young, energetic achiever. Keep at it bro. Thank you for sharing.

Brother Nugwa and Sister Claire will be on tomorrow. Stories will be told here. See you  🙂


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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