Tani reached out to me when I was having a hard time and we’ve remained friends ever since. She’s incredibly driven and has some beautiful insight about life and stuff, generally. Enjoy.

(Quotes from me are in italics.)


1. What does your name mean to you?

My name is Tanitoluwa. Literal Definition: Who is as great as God. To me, this meaning is what gives me the push to try a little harder knowing no situation is greater than God. It is my all time reminder that “this too shall pass” and I’ll always WIN.

This too shall pass!


2. What’s your favorite childhood memory(ies)?

Top on the list has to be: being an only child for 8 years (getting spoilt rotten), Primary school excursions, basically just being my dad’s wing woman, Christmas holidays in Zaria and the harmattan that made you dress like it was Winter.

Aww, Iyawo Daddy.


3. What is the unique thing about growing up female and Nigerian?

Hmmmmmm! The unique thing (which I hate) is having to prove that I am capable just because I am a woman. I probably won’t feel so bad if I was to prove my capability based on competencies. Secondly, the nonsense achievement that is attached to getting married (I am happily married) but then I hate when conversations with single ladies always have to end in “don’t go and marry“. It makes me sick.


4. How have you tackled any of these unique challenges?

As the only woman on a team of 10, I work extra hard and make sure my deliverables are unquestionable. So I don’t get the “It’s because you are a woman. I constantly work at personal development so I am not lagging behind,. I also put in the effort to remain really good friends with my single girlfriends and not rubbing “husband discussions” in their face.

I find it really annoying that women have to work extra hard to prove themselves. Does it annoy you?  

It sure does annoy me. I try to channel all that annoyance to being more productive though.

Are you always annoyed at work?

Not always. I think I work with amazing men. However that chauvinistic behaviour gets a better hold of them.


5. What do you do professionally at the moment and why do you do it?

Business Intelligence/Big data Analysis. I do it because it was the first enjoyable job I got during my job search. However, I have come to loooove itttttt.


6. What was your trajectory? How did you get to this point?

Realising that I am good enough, and so I do not need anyone’s validation. I got to this point after finally realizing that the fact that some had “IT” better didn’t mean they had a better life and I had it bad.

Love this.


7. What are you passionate about? (cringe)

Jesus, cooking, food.


8. What are three lessons you’ve learned in the past year?

Patience. Everything good will come. Don’t sweat the small stuff.


9. Are you happy at the moment? What can you do to be happier?

Yes I am. Get my side hustle running.


10. Who inspires you? Why?

Too many people. My major inspiration at the moment is Ibukun Awosika. Listening to her just leaves me wanting more out of life, it also makes me realise that there isn’t a better time than now to start.


11. What are you reading at the moment?

MY VISION: Challenges in the Race for Excellence by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makttoum


12. What would you say to the teenage you?

Dream bigger,work harder. Nobody is going to hand you success!!!


13. What would you like your future self to remember/ keep about this season of your life?

Not sweating the small stuff. I never want to forget this!!!



Moyin is a pop-culture obsessed Ph.D. in Tissue Engineering. When she's not arguing with bacteria in her lab, you can find her screaming at her favorite characters on TV shows or getting mad at trending topics on Twitter.

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