Chronicles of 2016

My 2016…

January – 300L 2nd Semester. It was all about exams. I really didn’t feel the New Year euphoria since I crossed over with books on my mind. I think this was the first time where I didn’t crossover at my home church because I was in school. What a sad nonsense! But we thank God we made it through.

Not long after exams were done,I started IT so I had little or no rest. Let’s just say my January wasn’t a smiling month.

February – I continued IT and honestly, sometimes I wanted to break down. Actually, I broke down one time in front of the patients/customers. I couldn’t take it no more. The stress was appalling and the patients weren’t concerned if you were tired and all, they just wanted to get treatments forgetting that we are all humans and feel pain,fall sick like they do. After that day, I knew that we science professionals were on our own when it came to health concerns. Anyways, I finished IT but not without making many friends. I made so many that still now when I go, they still call me and we gist like before. The 2 superintendent Pharmacists were also great( PharmD and Mummy Daniel).  Lest i forget, what made me forget the sorrow was my salary. Lol.. ???

March – 400L 1st Semester. We were back to school.. All the rigorous activities again. However, I took a great step in March to barb my hair.. Yes I said it. I barbed my hair ??.. I kept posting myself for so long but when March came everything just worked together. My hair was giving me headaches and I couldn’t comb it so I decided to barb it. I didn’t barb a Fro as you all may think ?. I did a very low cut. A very low one. I looked like a boy. It wasn’t a new thing because I’ve been on low cut for the most part of my life but it was a huge step after I had made all the lengths and stuff and then I had to let it go. I started wearing wigs for about 2 weeks when we resumed to allow the hair grow a little. After, I stormed the class with my low cut. Everyone was stunned because it was a complete new look from the former Moji with all the weaves and braids. It didn’t take long, I went to braid to allow more growth but instead the braids took off all the new growth so I rethought and left the hair for a while and after I fixed.

March was all about a new look “MOJI”

April – School. Stress. Along the way, we had a little itch in school so we were sent home.

May – No school. I made two new friends.( Oli and Theo). So the break  was fun while it lasted.

June – Strike continued but ended June 20. We resumed. Classes started. We had Faculty elections. I was vying for the post of the General Secretary of the Pharmacy Student’s association (PANS) and I was opposed but as God will have it, I won. (Note: I had gone for a post before but I lost by one vote. I swear it was sad and all and I had exams the next day but I didn’t allow that to deter me. I came out strong). I won’t lie to you, I was sure I was going to win this time because I dreamt about winning.

July – Classes again. Let me just say being a Pharmacy student isn’t easy at all. But I’m gon’ scale through. We also had handover and I officially became PANS GenSec on July 18.

August – Exams started. Ewo! It was tough. I wasn’t ready. I had countless sleepless nights. I lost weight. I started looking sick and people started questioning my status. I remember one paper I had and I slept off and didn’t read. You people “body no be firewood “. I’d been depriving myself of sleep since exams started but that day my body couldn’t take it and it betrayed me. I woke up the next morning by past 5 and I had exams by 9. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t read. I just started crying. I was panicking. This is the first time such was happening. I had only studied 1 lecturer’s part out of 4,maybe because she was my namie and I couldn’t disgrace myself infront of her. I entered the exam 3/4-blank. I saw the questions and I knew it was over. Did the little I knew and left. I submitted, walked out and started crying. My friend IBK noticed and came to ask wassup, I explained all to her and she said I was going to be fine. You people I knew I was going to be fine because God had and is still on my side. I didn’t cry because of failure, I cried because I could’ve averted it. I got to my hall,   called my dad and mum and told them what happened (I know what’s on your mind. Who would call her parents when she was about to fail a course lol). Well, they both told me to let go and let God. Focus on others.

Lest I forget, I also took pictures of me crying. ? who does that? Me??. I said I wasn’t going to delete it until I saw the result. Fast forward, results came out and I triumphed. God triumphed. I won’t say I wasn’t surprised. I would just say I wasn’t expecting it to be that great. Others turned out good too. Thank God. We went on break.

September – 400L, 2nd Semester Resumed. Classes again. Work. Stress. Lest I forget, during the break till resumption, my executives and I were making plans for our annual PANS WEEK so I just had 1week of break so it wasn’t rosy. For the first time in my life, I travelled without my parents and their consents.. You people I was scared. Many things were going through my head, what if I died? What if I had an accident and I was injured? A lot of what ifs crossed my mind but God kept me all through the journies. One thing I learnt is to be an executive, you must be ready for it all. I also visited the Ooni’s palace. I met big people o. Now, I can boast of contacts???✌✌.

October – Preparation for the PANS week continued and don’t forget I still had lectures during this period. So I was multitasking. We were “hustling” for sponsors. This was where I knew that in this recession, some people(men) have money but they won’t give you until you’re ready to give them yourself in exchange. Let me just say my President(Chiamaka   Ogueri) and I faced alot of temptations because of funds. We slept on the road one time,we had late out nights,etc because of this. I, my President and Treasurer missed some lectures because we were looking for funds but God saw us through. We had people who helped us offset some bills. I won’t mention names for reasons best known to me. But thank God for them too. I would say if I was to be an executive again, I had pick these two people as my team members (Chiamaka Ogueri and Ifeanyi Okebugwu).

Back to class affairs, I had three presentations for the semester. I scared through all three. But one got me scared initially and this one is called CLINICALS presentation. We were put into a group of 4 and after come upfront of the class and present your topics. I really didn’t have enough time for preparation so on that day, things didn’t go as planned but one thing I knew is I was able to do my best and it didn’t turn out bad. One incidence happened in which my lecturer asked a question, I gave him the right answer he said I was wrong but I stood my ground. Fast forward to the next day in class, he came and apologised to me in front of the  class but I was absent. Since that day he knew my face and I respected him because how many lecturers would come back and admit their mistakes. He even saw me on the road and apologised to my face. I felt happy.

November – We started with PANS Dinner. This dinner was lit. I would say Pictures speak. I was awarded the “Best PANS Executive for 2015/2016 session”. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it. When my name was called I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t even move for few secs. However, I felt highly honoured. Now, PANS week was over. I had time for my academics now. I had to mend all broken paths. I started reading little by little although my body was weak from it all so my reading wasn’t serious. Tests came, I read what I could and left the rest for God.

December – Classes continued for a little period and then we stopped. Test results came out???. The results were ridiculous. 80% of the class had 1digit scores out of 20 for the same CLINICALS. So we knew we had to brace up for the exams.

Exams came, we wrote some well and wrote some not well( tried not to use bad) but in the end, we were done with exams. I would say at this point that the first paper got me and my classmates sad. We weren’t expecting what we met in the question paper. We were “slyed” (that’s the appropriate word to use). But I hope it all turns out well at the end. We finished exams on the 22nd and my birthday was 24th. So I had little or no time for preps so birthday came and I really didn’t do anything. Just took myself out and had a nice time (1st time I wouldn’t do anything with friends).

But I received a lot of heartfelt messages on my birthday which made my day. That’s when I knew the “pen is mightier than the sword”. The last few days in 2016, I either went out with friends or spent it at home.

I’m so grateful to God for keeping me through. I know people who died this year and if they were told they won’t see 2017,they would have rejected it. But they didn’t know, God knows. I can’t thank God enough for everything. All my trips to Lag,Ife,etc and how he kept me through it all. It’s so funny I know of someone who travelled to Lag for the first time without her parents like me and died on the trip. What if it was me? You people God is good. God is great. The words of praise in the dictionary are not enough to describe his love for me.

One experience I won’t ever forget is “THE EXPERIENCE 11”. I worshiped God in a whole different way. I felt alive and anew again.

I made new friends and turns out most or even all were guys??. Nevertheless, I lost old friends too and that’s life for us.

Let me use this opportunity to apologise to anyone I have offended in the past, please forgive me – it’s 2017. Thank you???

P. S: I know some of you may have noticed that I didn’t talk about being in a relationship or that sort but yes I had advances, I even had people I flirted with but none made me feel that kinda way. I won’t say I’m spiritual and all but when it comes to matters of the heart, I take it to God so I did that and I didn’t get a response for some and for some it was negative so I knew I had to wait it out. So yes I started 2016 single and I’m ending 2016 single.

But in all, Give thanks to whom thanks is due. And that’s God!


Oluwa E Tobi, E Tobi o, E Tobi x2

Ko s’eni ta le fi sakawe re o E Tobi x2


This song is my favorite song of 2016. Kudos to Tope Alabi.

Another song playing in my head right now is Onise Iyanu by Nathaniel Bassey.

So we decided to do a throwback to 2016 this week. Just some posts that really can’t be ignored will go up on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Regular programming on Tuesday and Thursday as usual. How is 2017 coming along peoples?

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