Draft 2: Janet

Hello, it’s me. I really can’t remember how the whole year went sequentially. I’m not good at keeping records but bleeh, let’s see how that goes.

2014 was crazy. I was finally a bonafide student in school lol. I passed my diploma. I told myself that if i failed, surrendering to be captured by boko haram would be my only option. failure once dealt me a huge blow. I’m still recovering. It is my greatest fear. I went through hell while at it. A girl didn’t like my skin color. According to her, I was “too dark” for her likening (for the records, this girl bleached). I spoke “too much English” and phone. I received too much phonecalls, i knew too many people etc .. She beat me up, I was embarrassed and thrown out of the hall of residence. School security got involved. I got in a mess that could have cost me my admission into school. The information on my bio data for admission was altered. Lol. My sponsor was OSAMA BIN LADEN, my middle name was SUCK MY DICK, my residential address was HELL.


I was lost in january. I clocked 18. I was scared initially about what it’ll feel like at 18.Maybe I was expecting a major abracadabra to happen in my life, to me , my body size, lol. Idk. Idk.

February came. I met a girl. She’s one of the many people who have shaped my views. I met wonderful people that inspired me with their lives and attitudes.

the battle with myself began in march. I battled with my body, my spirit. I worked on my attitude. It was hard. I heard, I read, I listened to talks. I listened to experiences. I started to remember many things I had blotted out.

April/May – Camp came, it was tagged relentless pursuit. Jesus began taking the wheels. I made friends with people and spent more time with people in my circle. I learned to listen to other people, I really didn’t realise many other people have their own problems. I cried less, I knew hings were changing.

I saw a question recently on the TL asking if people partook in #seizethebae2015. I didn’t. Bae seized me instead in june after i fell ”out of love” with lase tawak. Eyy, I really had to move on.

Things were getting better. I got involved in many activities,I volunteered, I organized, I even contested. Tope named me miss publicity. I became chief publicist, now I’m vice-president.

People came into my life, i didn’t go searching. some stayed, others left.

I can’t say I’ve made all the finest decisions this year. But however they turned out, I claimed responsibility.

Sometimes i want to cry because I’m happy at the person I’m becoming. Other times, I just laugh.

Anger and hate, they’re all gone.

Death flashed through my very eyes, by God i came out unscathed.

I don’t even know how to get mad, let me just laugh. I go dey alright. I think I’m getting where I’m going.

I’m very sure I’ve missed out on many things, but lol.

I know I’m a work in progress.

2016 shall be filled with grace because even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil .


An ironic avid reader, crappy writer and a king with huge heart.


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