Call For Submissions – May

I would like to start by saying a big thank you to the writers that responded to our April call for submissions, you are all wonderful and we look forward to reading more from you. To our readers also, thank you all for traveling with us, love is all we have for you (maybe some gifts, but let us not go there yet).


Anyway, about a year ago I found myself in a very dim place because I had somehow let the thought that I had run out of first times take root in me. I felt like I had done/felt all there is and nothing could ever feel brand new; good or bad. It was a very unpleasant feeling, and I found myself taking risks and stretching myelf farther than was rational just to feel something new.

Yes, those risks led to first times; good and very bad and also to the realization that I did not have to do those things to find first times. They are everywhere, if you open your eyes and your heart to them. Everyday in itself can be seen as a first time, depending on your perspective.


How scared I was when I felt like I had used up my share of first times made me realize how important new experiences are, and these new experiences do not even have to be that deep.  I also learnt that the bad first times are also very important, maybe even more important that the pleasant ones.


I read somewhere that a bad experience can feel like a comb given to you when you are bald-useless. But you might just grow hair later or have a sister or brother or friend that has hair and is in need of that comb.


So, this is a call for submissions. We’d really like to read stories of your unpleasant or downright horrible first times. Like I said before, it really doesn’t have to be that deep!

Share, because in doing so, you might make sense or find usefulness or even humor in a previously senseless or useless or humorless event. Share, because doing this is like releasing a fart, it stops stinking up your insides and we all get to share the smell with you, and in so doing, reduce its power.




May is the month where we all come together and sit around our imaginary fires talking about our horrible firsts, watching those memories burn in that fire. And maybe laughing. Or smiling. Or crying just a little.


Entries should be sent to on or before the 1st of May, 2015. Entries can be sent in with pictures when available. Thank you.







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