Call for Submissions – July

Hello Story Tellers!

Welcome to Stories NG – the home of Nigerian stories. If you are a constant visitor, I hope you’ve enjoyed our previous themed months, especially Portraits, the web of stories that is currently holding us captive in June. And if you are a newcomer, you couldn’t have picked a better month to drop by, because we will be treating a very special, important theme this next July, 


But first, a little pop quiz.


Who are the people that:

– Brought you into this world and make it clear that they can take you out of it at any time?

– Can praise and insult you in the same breath?

– ask you why you’re always ‘press-pressing’ your phone?

– Tell you not to bring that boy/girl to their house, yet expect you to be married and have twins on the way at 25?

– Annoy, frustrate and irritate the life out of you, and then, just when you don’t think you can take any more, they reclaim your heart by simply announcing that there is jollof rice in the kitchen for you?


Yes, that’s right! Parents!


This month, we at Stories want to talk about parents and parenting. What were they like when we were children, teenagers, young adults? How have they changed over the years? What would we have loved to change about their ‘regime’ during our childhoods? How much did their style of parenting influence ours? What kind of parents are we now/do we hope to be in the future? Is parenthood all it’s cracked up to be? (Having little minions to do the dishes and fetch the remote and all that).

We all have stories about our parents and parental experiences. So, we’re calling for your submissions. What’s that thing about your parents/ your experience as a parent you’ve wanted to get off your chest for the longest time?

Write it up, and send it to us at, on or before the 2nd of July. We would love to hear from you and await your responses with breathless anticipation.  

Now close this window and get writing, this instant! 


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