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I like to think that we all agree that travel is an essential part of life and we do it in different ways and for different reasons. We are either changing physical locations where boundaries, whether local or international are crossed. Or when the books we read or music we vibe to sow in our hearts the seed of longing for places and people familiarly unfamiliar. Things as simple as the food we eat, movies we watch or accents we hear in public places can stir in us the desire to experience something or somewhere different from what we know.
Places we can physically travel to, although numerous are limited. Very much unlike the limitless possibilities for rebirth our minds have to offer. So, we at are calling for travel opportunities. Take us with you to places you have been to or wish to visit. Grant us the privilege of understanding, through your stories (or poems) whatever it is travel means to you. Help us to understand how it feels to have winged feet or to wish for wings when you are firmly moulded in concrete.
April has been tagged the Wanderlust month by us at, and this is an official call for submissions. The theme can be interpreted as you wish and milked in any direction pleasing to the writer, so long as the end product is a story (or a poem) beautiful enough to take us with you. Posts will go up on every Thursday of the month by 10am.
Entries should be sent to before the 25th of March. The entries should be sent as an attachment with a brief description/bio of the writer as the body of the mail.
We look forward to going with you on this journey.


Flying Bishop of Benin fame

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