Call for End of Year Reviews

2017 has been a challenging year, hasn’t it?

This has been the first full year of the Trump presidency, the year of naming and shaming sexual harassers and offenders, the year of when we were forced to pull down our idols and burn them to the ground. But it was also a good year, especially for us on Twitter. We watched relationships begin, couples we’d rooted for finally tie the knot and our second wave of  ‘twitter’ babies born. We have all literally grown up with each other and the extent of the friendships and bonds we have formed are only truly being made manifest now.

However, as individuals, 2017 has brought us many different things. And we at Stories NG are here to help, as always. This year, like every other year, we want you to unpack, to take stock, to lay everything out and see what the year has brought you.

It’s incredible that we have done this for six years already, collected nearly 800 stories from doctors and secondary school students, fathers and daughters, and everyone in between. We have supported each other as we mourned the sudden loss of parents, rejoiced as we moved countries and found ourselves, we listened and appreciated the quiet grace of an uneventful year.

This is the seventh edition of the end of the year reviews, and those who have consistently participated can attest to how illuminating it is to be able to look back at your year and catalogue all the good, the bad and unexpected that has happened.

We invite you all to trust us with your stories once again; simple or verbose, in lyric, prose and poem, all of it. Our editors, Efe, Pamela, Edwin, Amanda and Okaima will treat them with the respect they deserve and ensure that the telling remains crisp and clear and true to your voice.

So, our calendar is open, our editors are waiting.

Pick your day.



So guys, you can send us an email at to pick a date and/send in your reviews. You can also comment under this post, send us a direct message or simply mention us on Twitter – @Stories_ng.

Our calendar is now open!




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