Boston Strong

Boston is old white money. Lots of it. You can smell it when you walk down Tremont and Boylston and taste it if you venture by Hanover.

Boston is a well maintained crime scene, the criminals being the English.

Boston is John F. Kennedy. Everywhere you turn there is a monument to the man or some other Kennedy.

My cousin booked a luxury apartment downtown. I didn’t see one person in that building older than 40 for the two days I spent there. Where do these youngins get all this money from? A few steps away from the building is the most laid back Chinatown I have ever seen. It is nothing like the bustling NYC Chinatown or the exciting Toronto Chinatown or even the surprising one in San Jose.

Boston is Dublin away from home and so it is here that Primark chooses to open its flagship store in America. Boston shoppers are nothing like New York shoppers. They take their time.

Bostonians are typical New England people. They appear surprised when you smile at them or say hello. They are outright snobs but you forgive them easily. They have earned every right to be snobbish, every right to put their noses up in the air and look down on the rest of us mortals from the pedestals and monuments that dot their city.


Boston is Harvard. I don’t know how the other schools in Boston cope. If it were me, I would pack up and get out of town. My cousin’s friend drives us around town and we stop to pay homage to Harvard Business School. We go shopping at the Co-op, the school store and my cousins friend tells me he comes here often. I am surprised.

“Ah, Nigerians send me money to buy them Harvard stuff”
“Wait? Did they go to Harvard? Why are they asking for Harvard branded things?” I ask and he laughs at my naiveté.

And you people wonder why you are in a recession. Shior. Tolu Ogunlesi should add Harvard memorabilia to his seedless grapes list.


There are schools everywhere. This is the center of learning of the world and there will be no argument.

Boston is resilience. It has been three years since the bombing and we drive by the scene of another kind of crime. My heart is heavy even though there are no signs, nothing left to show a great evil was done to these people. I close my eyes and try to imagine what that day must have been like. No one deserves that madness but if any city deserves it the least, it is these unobtrusive people. Who did they ever bother?


Sunday morning and I put on my workout clothes and walk the Freedom Trail to say goodbye. The dogs in Boston are beautiful and I will miss them. The people too but Toronto people are beautifuler. I am sorry – Toronto spoiled me and now I will always compare every city to it in terms of bone structure and facial beauty. It is eerie to find out that the weekend I show up in Boston is the same weekend the Red Sox are playing the Blue Jays in Boston. What can I say? I and the 6ix are never far away from each other’s heart.

Boston reminded me that in America anything is possible. Someone I once knew liked to encourage people by saying “E go better, E go better, Na so Ibo people use take over Alaba Rago” Let me rephrase that in American for you “Courage and loads of determination are how Boston changed hands from blatant Brahmian possession to Irish domination so never give up!”

Happy belated independence Nigeria (or should we say in advance?) May you be as brave and as strong to take back your future as Bostonians have always done.


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  • enajyte says:

    “The people too but Toronto people are beautifuler.” This had me laughing. You’re always this way about the places you’ve lived.

    I enjoyed this immensely.

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