Bleach was the most beautiful girl of my set. We nicknamed her Bleach because she had this scar on her forehead, just above her right eye. The skin of that part was lighter than the rest of her body. It is the first thing you notice when you see her. And it made her even more beautiful.

She had this aura that separated her from the other girls. It’s hard to put a finger on. She was just different. She charms you. And she wasn’t even trying hard. But when you see her, you want every bit of her.

Everyone wanted to date her. Teachers, seniors, mates, even juniors. Losers like me just admire her in secret and fantasise about her beauty. Some days, in the hostel, myself and friends would talk about how beautiful she is. One person shouldn’t have all that beauty. It seems so unfair.

There were talks about how promiscuous she was; how she dates teachers and seniors. True, I did see her hang with different boys and honestly, I knew quite a number she dated. But that didn’t change the fact that she was beautiful. And I wanted her too.

I remember the first time she talked to me. I had rounded up some students that sneaked from the hostel to class to avoid Saturday cleaning and wanted to punish them. She was somewhere in the corridor, heard their pleading, and came out to plead for them. That memory lasted for a while. It was all I thought of through the day. Her, there, those eyes, telling me to forgive them, with that smile that shut down my brain. But that was it. We had no encounter again till we left school.

I was checking Facebook some days ago and saw a picture she posted. (I really can’t remember how we even became friends on Facebook). That scar was still there. But not the beauty. Well, beauty is relative. But whatever made her beautiful to me back in school was gone. Suddenly she wasn’t that charmer I once knew.

What changed? My definition of beauty? I got more matured? I dated prettier girls? I lost my innocence? Her? Her looks? She grew up? She’s became fat?

I couldn’t take a second look at the picture. I took a deep breath, pondered at how ephemeral everything is, then closed the tab.



By Opeyemi.

Human. Lover. Believer.


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.

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