Between Your Thighs

I am neither blue,
Red, green or yellow
Never black, but rather
Burnished brown

Torn out from the agony
Of the moaning rainbow
I am the kaleidoscope
Of my refracted passions
And a testimony
Of the crimes I sow.

In hearts scattered asunder
To the four climaxing winds
Do not accuse me
Of the words I have said
Or the promises I made in bed
For many a time, I have lied
To open the gates that lie
Between your supple inner thighs

I have learnt with my eager tongue
To tune your pleasure knob
Hidden in the folds of your labia

to the frequency that keeps you coming
Back for more.

Panty-less,shaven smooth
Oiled and scented like
An insatiable Olivia twist
I am the conscience
Of my pulsating erection
Searching for a curly nest
to lay its white washed, excited
Squirming spermapoles

Look into my iridescent eyes
Feel the temperature of my flowing lies
Surrender to the ministrations of my gyrating loins
And awaken the night with your orgasmic cries

I promise you no ring or the identity,
The security that comes with
Being my soul mate
But that which I give are sodden sheets
Wet with our tears,
My royal oats and your spent hot colourless juices
And this ardent kiss I will plant into your very soul
The lusciousness of which will
keep your lips tingling
Even when you return home
To whisper your own lies
into the ear
Of your suspicious
Yet ignorant
But eternally forgiving


Thank you Jude Idada! (Seriously, google him. Twitter @judeidada)


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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