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Today’s post is dedicated to my geek friends. Especially those who use Android (officially an Apple hater so y’all fall back).

Sometimes your life is simplified by knowing the right tools to use. These apps on my devices (tab, smartphone) save me loads of time and trouble. Permit me to share some of them today.

Currently I’m streaming Google music radio for a one month free trial. I’ve set it to 90’s Rhythm and Blues and the wifey loves it. After my free trial it will cost 1600 naira to continue this project. That’s the price of a trip to the cinema for one person, it shouldn’t be too much. Trust the geek in me. We hate to pay for stuff unless it’s on pains of death. Just imagine this won’t even be a purchase. It would be rent! Sighs.

My music player is Poweramp. I will keep this picture free but the customization and graphic equalizer and lock screen functionality all made me fall in love with this app. Music on Windows Media player doesn’t even come close. Some apps are so good when the trial ends you have to just go get the full version. My video player is MX player. I love it because it plays every single type of video file. Just get the accompanying codec pack and copy all your videos from your friends without worrying about compatibility.

Netflix and Hideman are a combo option I haven’t tried for streaming movies and shows in Nigeria. I don’t like addictions and I’m afraid when I start I won’t be able to stop. Try them if you like. The apps that round up my entertainment are TubeMate (download any YouTube video instead of wasting bandwidth playing them over and over), TED (download and watch educational short talks by experts on everything) and TuneIn Radio (stream any station in the world with internet streaming capability). I think it’s romantic if you and your significant other listen to the same radio station when you’re separated by long distances. Thank me later.

I’m writing this post on Google Keep with my Swype keyboard (all my posts in this series actually). Swype makes it possible to type virtually anywhere. You need just one finger (or thumb) so you can Swype away in a bumpy car or with your little finger when the other fingers are engaged in food matters. I think it’s faster than typing any other way (I type 40 words a minute on a full keyboard). I use this Keep app for taking minutes of meetings at work too. They can be issued within five minutes of the meeting ending but for the formatting required to meet work templates. The good thing about Google Keep is you can sync your notes to the cloud so you never lose them. Basically if you get any other Android all your notes come back like nothing happened.

The Microsoft Office suite is coming to Android starting with the US. There are apps for editing and viewing Office documents but I’m not familiar with using them for editing. The interface of these apps is not smooth and encouraging enough to attempt the Excel and PowerPoint stunts beyond reading files. So we wait. We also eagerly await BBM coming to Android soon. Word will not be heard that day.

This cloud syncing thing is the power behind DropBox I like. You drop your documents and pick them up anywhere else to continue from where you stopped. I enjoy sharing music from DropBox and the app makes it so easy. Basically I only share music once because I can just forward the link to you once I’ve shared it with any other person.

My communication/social network tools right now are Whatsapp (the voice note thing is really nice), Highlandblue (my Falcon Pro custom Twitter client), Google Hangouts (for the video chats because Skype is too mainstream and full of stalkers), WordPress (post to your blog with music, photos and videos; get comment and subscription notifications, read all the blogs you subscribe to in one place, view your blog stats, etc) and the amazing Instagram (the ability to add videos you have previously taken on your device is just the killer). I can’t decide about Facebook. The notification mail for birthdays every week is about all I have interest for. No longer in the mood for connecting with old friends or rejecting requests from strangers with 100 friends in common with me. The Quora app would have been a great addition but somehow it doesn’t seem to work the way I want it. Perhaps I tampered with its settings too much.

My news apps are few. Verge keeps me updated with tech and geek news, TechSuplex does the same but on a more narrow scope and focus on stuff relevant to Nigeria (kudos Sanusi), Flipboard (general news), BBC (news news) and Google Currents (surprising news and serendipitous out of the way info). Oh make sure you grab the Drippler app for info on your specific Android phone.

I don’t want to go into details of any games. But I can list them here: Sniper Shooter, Fast Racing, Minion Rush, Subway Surfers, Chess Free and Iron Man 3 my favorite. Those I’ve heard good things about but not installed are The Dark Knight Rises, Riptide GP 2, Need for Speed Underground, Grand Theft Auto, Cogs etc. I don’t want to try them because they’re said to be addictive.

Whoosh! I have over 100 apps installed. I have to stop now. Go to the play store and have fun.

See y’all tomorrow. Happy holidays 🙂

Live wisely and wisdom will permeate your life;
mock life and life will mock you.
(Prov. 9 vs 12, The Message)

P.S. My bible app is the Olive Tree Bible Reader.

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