*walks into empty concert hall, does the running man, turns on the lights, sees the hall full of waiting people*

Ah! Is this what you people have been waiting for?

Welcome to If you’re new here, take a minute to thank whoever brought you to the new home of Nigerian stories. We had a good run with our true life 2014 review (read here LINK) last December and we enjoy anyone who tells a good story here, fiction or true life (or keep us guessing!)

Starting today, Stories from around Nigeria will make their way to the inbox of, where they will be reviewed by a team of seasoned editors, namely

  • King Naaki, of TNC Writer fame.
  • Queen Amanda, of Hobbingpost fame
  • Flying Bishop Okaima, of Benin fame
  • White Knight Efe, of the Blue Highlands fame
  • and Black Rook, Mr X, who is so famous he will not reveal his identity.

Your story will fall into three dark holes, depending on its quality. It will either be

  1. Rejected outright, with a polite but brutal email from one of the names above
  2. Returned with suggestions for improvement, or
  3. Accepted outright for publishing, also with a notification as to the possible publish date

Some stories will be too good for and will be ushered on to the hallowed chambers of TV fame but that is not why we are here. is also a visual site. Some pictures tell stories much better than words do. So if you have a picture you really like, send it in too. Tell us what the picture does to you. Even if you don’t have any feeling for the picture but you just are in love with it, send it in too and we will put it on our page carousel or on one of our post headers. Get clicking!

We will be posting about 2 times a week, so tell your friends to come compete for the grand recognition of the story with the highest views at the end of the month. Bragging rights, writer perks and perky wads are up for grabs. All we ask is that you make our pulse quicken, our eyes dilate or water and set our hearts afire. You will be handsomely compensated.

SO! Without further ado, here are our winners for last year.

The post with the highest number of views: Day 2: Deola by Deola. Her prize is a 20k gift voucher. Read her story here LINK
The Grand Commenter: Eloxie. Her prize is a 15k gift voucher.
The First! Bukky Shaba. Her prize is a 10k gift voucher.

These vouchers can be redeemed by sending an email to confirming your identity and stating what your gift preference is. You can have whatever you want, from Konga to Jumia to Amazon to an internet subscription. Just state your preference in your email within the limits of your voucher.

On Friday we will be starting the Pills project. Look out for it 🙂

See you then!


Photo Credit: mix’s via Compfight cc


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