If anyone had told me I was going to be hospitalized in 2017, I would have laughed right in their face but I ended up having surgery mid January and my scar is quite a wide one .

Then I had to deal with gossip and hypocrisy from the Pharisees of the church I worshiped in. I found it very hard reconciling the fact that my so called spiritual leaders were acting like the Pharisees and Sadducees we preach against. I was confused as to whether that was what the body of chrism had been reduced to – eagerly waiting for the first puff of smoke so you can gleefully shout I told you so.

I decided to talk to God in my room and stop going to church, what were they preaching that I hadn’t heard before? I did that for a while though before I finally found another gathering where God was and love was.

I started my skin care line (Bubble Organics) in February, I had made plans from last year. So I was going to start and I really didn’t have any grand plan. I just knew I had to start making skin care products and I would sell them. The rate of turn over in my first month alone has not ceased to amaze me . Till date, I still don’t understand how come I made so much money, have so many clients and how people actually love what I make and how perfect it is for skin and hair

I had a falling out with a friend in June. This friend had done somethings that I was not happy about and even though our friendship took a downward spiral from then on , I learnt a major lesson. See I was pained and annoyed on Gods behalf( I don’t know if you understand that) no wrong was committed against me but I felt like “who does this“? I felt like it was a blatant disregard and disrespect for God hence I put up this self righteous front. Then God told me that he didn’t send me work, you know that feeling of look who I’m fighting for o ,that said what’s my own. He reminded me that he loves us unconditionally and he didn’t love my friend any less than he did me and that I am to love as he loves me truly and always.

I think I heard more rumors about me in 2017 than I have heard in my entire years of existence. Talk about Glory stopped coming to church because of her boyfriend, Glory left her boyfriend because he’s broke, Glory is following “I just arrI ived” . I’ve endured snickers a lot. At first it wasn’t a big deal as per anybody can run their mouth then it wasn’t funny any longer as it seemed it was coming from everywhere. One day I was so angry I went to fight one of my rumor peddlers, when I got back I felt even angrier so I raved and ranted at God. I was a good girl ( a really good one at that so why were people bent on denting my image). He told me to go easy and be still. Something was coming out of it. I’m still waiting though

2017 opened my eyes to be super appreciative of the things I take for granted. Some people have it worse, The minute things to us are super big deals to others. I had always taken for granted the fact that I was a very healthy person and that I never have cause to go to the hospital either for myself or to visit family in the hospital until this year.

I’ve learnt and I’ve grown , I consider myself very smart and experienced and a good judge of character but 2017 showed me that I’m still a learner . People showed me pepper🌶. At some point of this year, I was looking like a fool as events were unfolding and people were like “this one is a mumu” “God catch you

I’ve come to understand however that you don’t really know a person until you’ve seen their darkness and you don’t really know what love is until you’ve forgiven and forgiveness is hard oooo.

In light of all that I concluded that my love and friendship is too rare to have thrown back in my face and the mediocrity is a big crime against the love I have to offer. I gave up on one sided friendships this year, I realize that I don’t like my cup half full , I like it overflowing

2017 was my year of waiting for Fola and Yori to come around so they could yab me and tease me about how I didn’t know Bangladesh is a country and not a state capital and we would laugh and I would cook big pot of soup with Fuku and roundabout and abodi

All in all I’ve experienced divine manifestation and grace this year.

God shows up for me every hour and every day. I remember telling my ex that the greatest gift I received this year was answers to prayers. I talked to God about the most mundane things and he answers . There was this day I was telling God that what’s up no one has asked me out in a month and it was creeping me out because I’ve never had a relationship dry spell and the next week my phone was ringing off the hook.

My family received so much favour this year, my mother and siblings steady getting contracts here and there, my brothers have girlfriends, new additions to the family coming up. 2017 has been all we prayed for and more.

I had an amazing birthday celebration, always a hit back to back

2017 has brought me amazing people;

I’ve seen and met awesome people and great minds in form of Okada men and I’ve also met the terrible ones that always run away with my money.

I met sly republic – four incredible people that i only wish I had met way earlier but as they say better late than ever. I enjoyed being a student for the first time because of these people.

I have friends that I can call at 2am and ask them to pray for me or pray with me and friends that each conversation is like bible study.

The customers/ clients I have are nothing short of fantastic. When people complain of rude customers I can’t relate because my customers have been super pleasant and that just makes my job so easy.

And did I mention , CGPA finally rose 😀

OAU has refused to let us graduate though but that’s not reason enough to spoil my shine

2018 already looks great from my side of things

I can’t wait to boom, bloom and bubble

I wish you all have a wonderful Christmas 🎄

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