2016…….What A Year!!!

So the year 2016 sort of started in October 2015 for me. From my call to bar, to the realization that I had been posted to serve the fatherland in Kebbi state as I was coming back from Abuja with my family.

Less than a week after my call to bar I had to report at Dakingari camp in Kebbi state. Yes, Kebbi state. I had to look up the map on where it was located. Lol, my mum didn’t even remember we had a Nigerian state going by that name. I decided to sightsee by going by road instead of flight, wished I had known better. I had a whole lot of respect for the inventors of the aeroplane after my 18 hour plus road trip on paths they called roads.

Camp was a new experience entirely, talk about environment and culture shock. The weather was just unbelievable. “Scorching” was too mild and pleasant a word in describing their sun. And I’m like, “excuse me, is it not just one sun the whole universe is sharing, and please Nigeria is one country, why does the northern sun have to be this disloyal, rebellious and totally unpatriotic?!”

Camp wasn’t bad, I just was too eager to leave all that heat behind and come back to the South.
I ended up staying and serving in Kebbi state by choice. I lived in the military barracks, a new experience which bred some serious respect for those women that married military men. As a soldier’s or an officer’s wife, you have to be self-dependent, as the husbands are rarely home.

(Side bar: Can I like have my husband around me?! Let’s be seeing each other everyday. Can’t marry no military officer no matter how rich.)
So I made a new family in Kebbi, adopted them. Lol. I learnt firsthand that scorpions aren’t always black, Kebbi scorpions are brown, merging with the sand so you may not notice them until they strike. I learnt to love my room and stay in it anything after 8 pm, – scorpions too love to night crawl. I, to the glory of God, had 3 major near misses with scorpion stings, one in my bed, and 2 kitchen incidents.

I also learnt to accept my blackened complexion as a badge of honor, thanks to Kebbi’s sun.

I had a closer walk with God, more than ever before, being super far away from family and friends. My faith was strengthened more than ever before. I had my faith tried seriously but God made a way and I came out triumphant.

I met new people and one “special” person. Trust me, he’s not based in the north, or else….. lolzzz
When I returned from nysc, I took up learning new skills and having a great time in general. I got a wonderful gift that launched my December big time.

I had my ups, my downs, my really downs, doubts, fears, seriously cash strapped moments but I wouldn’t have wanted the year 2016 in another way. I went in with so many things but one thing I came out with that I wouldn’t have traded is my relationship with God.

I have Good Good Father and I’m crazy about Him and He absolutely delights in me.

May 2017 be better in all areas for us all, as the path of the righteous shines brighter and brighter always.


I wish I could have interviewed you to know more about Kebbi state. Like, apart from the capital I know nothing else about that state! Thank you for sharing and wish you a prosperous 2017.


I am yet to introduce myself.

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  • Clarion says:

    Yaay! I served in Kebbi too, and stayed in Dukku barracks. Yeah, you get some mad respect for military families after seeing what they have to go through. That sun is not born again at all! And tell me you tasted the kunu? Lol, happy new year in advance.

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