2016 in the Rear View Mirror

2016 was a very interesting year for me. A lot of really interesting things happened to me and some very new and exciting experiences came my way. I met some pretty interesting people last year and I was surprised I’d never met one or two of them before. It’s funny how people you just met can become a big part of your life isn’t it. I learned I’m not as tough as I think I am (shocking), I realized I want more from life and decided to take steps to get what I want out of life. Let’s do this in segments shall we?


In 2016, I visited a total of 4 countries and a total of 10 cities. Yes I’m a waka waka, go figure. I went on trips with my family, alone and with friends. I planned to do more but the whole Naira/USD quarrel seriously derailed my plans but sha God dey! I’m torn between choosing Venice or Playa Del Carmen as my best experience because I totally and completely enjoyed both cities like, “Take me now Jesus, I’ve done it all”. Nah men the Lord is too kind for that! Lets just say 2016 was a travel fulfilling year for me!


2016 started out well for my travel and vacation booking business, until the damn naira decided to take a bleeping nose dive! Like, what gives?! What in heaven’s name is a sister supposed to do with an exchange rate of N485 to $1? But wait o, people still managed to travel o! Ha I was shocked! I was fearing to call price but they were still paying the money fam!

I also graduated from Pan Atlantic University EDC. Not an MBA o! No ways, that’s too much commitment and time that I couldn’t spare biko. I was also selected for and completed the Road to Growth program by the Cheryl Blair Foundation. Hol’ up, this is starting to sound like a CV, lol!

Things didn’t all go as well as I hoped though. A staff member quit after losing me money and I had to fire another who was vexing me badly. So now I’m back to the staff hiring drawing board. Hiring isn’t easy in Naija at all. So frustrating.


My Dad turned 77 on December 29th! I’m so happy he’s off a few meds and he’s so fit now. We are planning a big shindig for his 80th, he's been postponing it since 70, but enough is enough! lol! I celebrated my 8th wedding anniversary in March, soon we’ll be on number 9. I wonder when the itch will start?

I’ve decided to go back to school and get me one of these MSc things. If I like it so much who knows, maybe a PhD?

Someone said to me “Darling you make being a mom, wife, entrepreneur and student seem so effortless and beautiful “. I looked back to see if there was anyone behind me? Me? I’m always frazzled trying to do so many things at the same time. What can I say, I’m like a duck, paddling furiously underwater but gliding seamlessly above!

On a final note, I’m grateful for the past year, I’m expectant and kind of scared about my goals for this year. But as they say, if your goals don't scare you, you’re not dreaming big enough!


Thank you for sharing your story with us Amaka! I’m positive you will be reporting 10 times more growth in 2017 when we do this again in December. Bless.


  • Butter says:

    Aww Max. Been silently cheering you by the sidelines. Told you weeks ago that you inspire me, meant it too. We should plan a vacay again for next year..Dubai 2015 was fun. Have an Amazing 2017 , cheers to more accomplishments. Invite me for daddy’s 80th oo. God keep us. Have news for you self..holler.

  • Tracy says:

    Go cuz! Go cuz!! Whoop! Whoop!! Lol see me famzing lol, so proud of you hun. Mothers & Wives like you keep my dream of having it all(family, career, companionship) burning. Luh you?

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