2015 in Retrospect, 2016 Goals

About 3 years ago around this period precisely before I exchanged that cliché vow of “for better for worse” I was laden with the thoughts of going into the New Year like everyone else full of expectations. Naturally I had my resolutions as has been my custom for as long as I can remember, not minding the fact that after a week or two I tend to revert to status quo forgetting whatever it is I lied to myself about that I was going to stop or start doing.

Fast forward to 2014, time beckons, life awaits and family expects given that “the boy is now the father of the man” and I have resolutions to make going into 2015 not for myself alone but concerning the little soldier that calls me Daddy, the lady that calls me Husband, the man that calls me son, siblings that call me brother, friends that I have taken as family and the unborn child that we are bringing to life in the coming year. This is my life in a kaleidoscope reflecting various patterns and trends that took its turn in the past as I look forward to my resolutions and goals for the coming year;


Everything you read above was the introductory piece to a year end review I started to write a year ago. As you can tell a year after it’s still unfinished, and I find it fascinating that after one year I am once again compelled to find the shape of my handwriting and put together a story with the same subject, only this time with 2016 goals and 2015 in retrospect. This year started out not exactly as I had hoped it would initially, but as the year began to evolve it came with its revelation of romance, comedy, action, horror, suspense, thriller and plenty drama to say the least. The events of my life in 2015 have indeed played out like a movie and just as providence will have it in every fantasy flick it ends with happily ever after.

Scene 1, Act 1:

In November 2014 after several attempts to leave branch operations I finally got my wish when I was scheduled for an “Operations to Marketing” training. At the time the mail was communicated I was on leave and it had to take a senior colleague of mine (who happened to be my boss back when I started this career) to call and apprise me about it. I was lost because I didn’t ask to move to marketing or even attend any training, so I wondered what was he on about.

I made some enquiries and got confirmation of the news. Initially I cursed whoever put my name down on the list but looking back now I bless the person because that training opened up doors to career changing opportunities that I never saw coming before in 2015.

Scene 2, Act 1:

In my life so far I have had my fair share of battles, from my fight with Uche (my neighbour when I was 8 years old) because he would rather watch BOPtv than Ktv since it was his house and his decoder, to the time when I was 15 years old and the driver had just dropped my kid sister and I at home from school and we get upstairs to find out our apartment had been ransacked, electronics destroyed, library vandalized beyond recognition, curtains and clothes all torn by our …. never mind.

So yes, I have had my fair share of surprises in life, but it was nothing compared to what I was about to experience following the events that started on the 1st of April 2015, no fools joke here.

I really can’t remember what the argument was about that morning as we drove to work, but it was one of those irrelevant arguments I sometimes start to get a dialogue going on between “BB” and I (I fight for her attention with her cyber friends all the time). The day was Wednesday, the month April and the date 1st when “MC” decided to fool everyone by surprising us with her birth.

She definitely fooled me because when I got the call that “BB” was in the hospital from one of the nurses and not even her mum or close relative, I didn’t know how to react because the EDD was still in 2 weeks time. But she came, we celebrated her birth, christened her after a week and dedicated her after 3 months but we didn’t know that there was a natural ordeal (for lack of a better word) lurking in the corner waiting to step in.

I was on the island when the news about “MC” diagnosis was broken to me by “BB”, I had just left the office and my first impulse was to just go meet them at the hospital. The second thought was that I would be stuck in Lagos traffic and not get to them on time and needed to find a place to take all the information in.

Whether it was the devil or holy spirit (you choose) talking to me then I couldn’t be bothered, all I know was I found my way to Nytce lounge, ordered a very stiff drink, sank in the leather sofa and lit up a blow then thought to myself “Ventricular Septal Defect” (VSD) what “dafuq” is that?!

Scene 3, Act 1:

Netflix and chill became my mantra this year. My resolve was to be a couch potato and It was made possible after I moved to a fine suburb in Lagos away from a neighborhood where I had lived almost 15 years of my life.

I basically grew my “butt hair” there, finished secondary school, university, youth service and even married while still there. So when I moved out this year sometime in March I was livid about leaving a legacy behind to pursue a higher destiny. Separating from my friends meant I had to spend a lot of time at home with my family. I still cherish every bit of memory I shared with them (friends) till this day, but they also come with their baggage like everything else in life. Who would have thought that I, the suspender wearing “dapper dude”, would finally have a “one pack” thanks to my gourmet self?

The love for food and wine especially the former became real this year. Who would have thought the “Friday night crooner” would suddenly close from work and go home err’ Friday night? We are so conditioned to think that our lives revolve around great moments but great moments often catch us unawares, I do not think that I have ever done anything in my life that was any more important than raising a family, my family.


Being pregnant with thoughts allows for a period of sober reflection before the birth of ideas. So after close consultation with family members (BB and my dad mostly) and senior colleagues of mine come 2016 I decided to take up an offer to move my career up a notch. It was to be a decision that would lead me to another city and away from my family, but also the one that would change my story from good to better and eventually best.

I had toyed with the idea one too many times, the thought of leaving my young family in pursuit of higher rewards. That would have been the case until the month of December came and presented another opportunity, a challenging feat and a well-deserved job laden with opportunities and career breakthrough benefits. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the latest Ombudsman in town.

“MC” turns 1 in April next year and by all means it will be a celebration of thanksgiving galore!!! She fought for her life, to Asia and back. I couldn’t be more proud of the person she is going to become, I keep thinking about when to tell her about the ordeals, the genesis of the scar on her chest; is it when she has a boyfriend? Or when she disobeys me for the first time? Or when she has to travel abroad by herself? Pre wedding day maybe? Sighs, see all the moments ahead that I have to recount the joy and blessings of the miracle wonder God did for me.

They say you are not supposed to forget a woman’s birthday, wedding anniversary, valentine and all other arrangements she makes. You are also advised to give her compliments every day, go shopping with her, be honest, be very rich, not stress her out and for #YorubaDemons not look at other girls. I can assure you “BB” that next year we will argue, disagree, keep malice, throw subliminals “pon de TL”and then make up last last. We will also laugh, gossip, dance, cuddle and make love. It’s inevitable because that’s what friends in love do. I will grow beards again next year because I know you want me to, in 2016 your birthday on the 26th of December falls on a Monday, our wedding anniversary (ides of March) is on Tuesday the 15th of March, while Saturday the 14th of February is St. Valentine’s day. All these dates have been pictured safely in advance in my heart – that’s the only place where our love will never grow apart.

My favorite TV shows return next year yippee!! Game of Thrones, Vikings, Tyrant, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, The Americans, Power to mention a few so I will be glued to the TV set clad in my birthday suit, but for now The Last Kingdom, Blind Spot, Jessica Jones and How To Get Away With Murder will suffice as my series-to-watch. I will also tend to “MC” “MS” & “BB” my soup or stars.

“We are not where we want to be, but we are far better than how we began”.

Come next year 2106 #WeMove and may God save me from “KARISHIKA”.

*to be continued*
*Draws Curtains*

▪ “MS” as My Soldier
▪”MC” as My Champion
▪”BB” as Boo Boo

Written by @MrOdada.


What a roller coaster play. You wrote the record of your life this year but only God could have written the actual script to end the way it did. Thank God Mrs Odada gave us the real gist here. Thank you so much for sharing and we’re glad to have you on Stories. Much love to you and your “cast” 🙂


Gamer. Lover. Father.


  • Rolayo says:

    This made me smile.
    Thank God for MC. Thank God for your family. Thank God for your new job.

  • damilola odewole says:

    This made me smile. Vsd is a terrifying diagnosis, thank God for victory

  • Chike says:

    Hmmm…The thoughts of starting a family. Say me hello to Mc and Ms and also your BB. God will forever remain faithful in your life, career and Family. More grace!!!

  • King Rume says:

    The way God came through for your family ehn?! Read your wife’s review and kept thinking of how I saw her at TPL 5…so strong. God light your 2016 with testimonies

  • Dada dupeola says:

    Wow! I am so proud of you BB-BigBrother- … Cheers, to a year of taking territories

  • Doyindada says:

    So proud of you.Iam close to tears, with the ugly event when you were just 15. God saw us through though.Please include 12th June in your special days; it is usually a holiday in Lagos and a day to celebrate MS. I can’t wait till April 1st to rejoice and give testimony on MC !

  • Jvmoke says:

    Thank God for His able grace, when we think we are deserving and even when we know we’re not..

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