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I woke up this morning to make a difference today and I really did try despite all the things I went through. At the beginning of the day, I had two salaried jobs but by the time it was 2 am, one of them said I was done. I had been sensing it since last night but I decided to ride it out. You know when a new boss comes and tries to whip everyone into line with his own style? It sha happened.

Ebun and I got really close by 4 am but drifted apart by 7 am. I don’t know how that happened but I probably got too busy to handle it and I messed it up.

I occasionally got the odd deal on the side but had issues with completing them when clients start extending the scope despite initial agreements. So these days, if a project lasts more than 2 hours, I drop it because I already start losing steam by the end of the first hour. I got my hands burnt a few times, so I can talk like this now.

By 7 am, I suddenly found myself homeless when I was thrown out of where I stayed. No, I was not owing. I really empathise with homeless people now than I did before then. I had to go clubbing after work almost every day so I could stay till early morning and then find a place to freshen up for the day, usually the office bathroom. I met Nikky around this time. She was God-sent. She encouraged me and stood by me while I went through it.

I realised I had very few people I could really call friends because I spent all those nights in e-Center and slept in Ozone lounge or one of the restaurants until Badmus offered me a place to lay my head around 7:50 am. Around 8am, I got an apartment. Not a fancy place but a place for me. I was ecstatic. All my savings went into that place. By the time I was done, I realised I was broke and had to join the league of people praying for the next salary. Have I mentioned it that Nikky is amazing? I pray God rewards her very soon.

Around 12 noon, I started experiencing the full force of office politics and I never really cared about kissing ass. I had always thought I was good and my work should speak for me but I realised I had a communication problem and I used to say it that the office is not a popularity contest. How wrong I was! Needless to say, I almost lost my second job because by 4 pm; over 75% of the Team Leads had an issue with me and boy, did they show it in every way possible including marking down my appraisals.

Around 4 pm, I also discovered something that was explosive enough to change my world forever. It was a burden I had to deal with while trying to focus on work and try to not destroy people with that kind of information. Sometimes, I wish the world had no secrets. Information is such a burden and knowledge comes with certain responsibilities. Responsibilities which can sometimes make or mar your life depending on how you respond to them.

Before the hour of 5 pm was over, Nikky and I had also drifted. It was painful. I met Cheta for the first time around 5:30 pm and I was wary because I had a previous experience from earlier in the day. Remember the new manager issue? So I resigned after a threat but as fate would have it, Chioma, Tobi, Isi and Oddy had so much faith in me and I withdrew the resignation.

Shortly after 8 pm, I got a mouth-watering offer from a Rocket company and I was so tempted that it took me almost 2 hours to reject the offer.

You realise you have an enemy when you have an enemy when you have no disciplinary record in over a year and then one month after someone new takes over, you get a query and then a suspension. I still won’t kiss your ass for your smile, homie.

Meanwhile, my dad and I had had unresolved issues since 2 pm which I left pending so I went home and we talked, like adults, for 60 seconds. This was some minutes after 10 pm.

One of my highlights was a talk by an under-30 CEO about joy. I realised I was so unhappy and had left my happiness to the hands of other people. I started to take responsibility for my happiness and ‘Favourite Things’ from ‘The Sound of Music’ became one of my favourite songs. Cheta and I learnt to work together and it has been amazing. One of my side ventures also won an award for Best Use of Social Media. I was mighty proud.

I also met wonderful people like Lade whose clutziness just makes you smile. Tunmise whose playfulness is off the charts despite her crazy work ethic.

I discovered one other thing: it’s a good idea to speak up. I am more of a listener than a talker, till now. I am painfully shy. Sometimes, the difference between a problem and a solution is a chat away. I realised I had no one that I could talk to without a consequence of some sort because people always judge. So I resorted to talking to my Lenovo, I record what I say and listen to it and I can understand things clearer and can figure ways out of an issue.

I grew my hair, relaxed it and now I have cut it again. Over 70% of my exes are now married (I’m not counting). I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death and I coming out now. Homeless, unemployed, scorned. I am rising above it all now.

It has been a crazy day, or is it year?


Pelumi, sometimes I wonder if all the events I remember this year all happened this year. So much has gone down! So much is still happening as we speak. I’m glad you found a way to express yourself.

I really pray your friends walk back in your life. I notice that people leave us at our hour of need (like Christ’s disciples fled on his day). It’s not because they’re bad people, just that this your cross is yours to bear alone. And when you pull through, some of them will be used to help you pull through, but only after you have grasped responsibility for your happiness as you have. So look out for their return, bro.

Just for fun, when I saw your title, I joked, make we just leave am for middle. Evening. LOL. Loved your 24 hour to a year format. Just had to put it there for anyone who didn’t immediately get it. Thank you for sharing!

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