The beginning of the year is a bit of a blur but I sit here writing this with an extremely grateful heart. I remember the feelings and emotions more than the actual situations. 

I was unemployed when the year started and I was antsy about this. Bills are no respecter of persons! I had worn the title of (struggling) entrepreneur for the last few years with some sense of pride, that I really didn’t know where to start from when I needed to look for a job.

A trained HR professional who didn’t know where to start with her CV. I took it to so many people to tweak that I got fed up from all the changes.
‘Not more than 2 pages long’
‘Honey it’s your platform; if it has to be 6 pages long let it be’
‘Put your education before your work experience’
‘Your work experience should come first because that’s where you’re showing what value you’re bringing to the table’
‘Separate your achievements from your duties; it’s a CV not a job description’
On and on it went. So, I tweaked and sent out CVs daily. Then, embellished and sent out even more.

After a few long months, the calls finally started coming in. Rather than get excited, the fear set in. ‘How am I supposed to answer questions at interviews?’ ‘I don’t want to tell anyone about myself.’ ‘Just hire me and I’ll do the job you’re paying me for.’ ‘Oh that part of my CV you’re asking about was completely culled from the internet, so you’d have to ask the original poster.’ 
I rescheduled interviews and was kind of relieved when I didn’t get some follow up calls.

I didn’t realise how the last few years of suffering and smiling (story for another day) had eroded my self-confidence and self-esteem. Me! Self-acclaimed excellent communicator, orator, firstborn of the family, in other words, the mouthpiece of the progeny. Who was this girl and what was she doing in my body?

I didn’t understand it but I felt every last shred of that fear every minute. So, I said a prayer. Maybe you shouldn’t try this at home (or maybe you should) but I prayed that I’d get a job without an interview and promised God that I’d be diligent in that job.

And I did. An agency found my CV online and called me on a Friday for a temporary gig which I started the following Monday. Nine months down the line, I’ve been made permanent and I’m enjoying the job. I felt like a fraud the first couple of months but that’s history now and I’m thriving.

Sometimes, one major thing is enough for one year. This year, I’m most grateful for my health but my job is a close second. And second place stories should be told as well.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year, people.

Miss Anon

"With a false name, I can be anybody..... anybody as long as I am careful about the way I write. All that anyone would see are my words, my feelings, me." - Orton Scott Card (paraphrased) Are you Miss Anon like me?

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