10 Fabulous Reasons To Be Thankful For Year 2015

I’m here getting set to make brand new resolutions for 2016 and embrace the inevitable guilt that comes with breaking some of those resolves before the first quarter rolls away. While this annual ritual will certainly be a highpoint for me, it suddenly occurred to me that year 2015 has been quite eventful and fabulous. There were loads of ups and downs and some middle ground but then, I count it all joy. In random order, it is my joy to showcase these 10 fabulous reasons to be thankful that in 2015 I came, saw, conquered and enjoyed some date palm.

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  • Don’t cry for me Chelsea Football Club:

I have always loved the fact that I love football. Throw in a pinch of Chelsea and my love soars to excitable heights. I gallantly entered 2015 with my love for football, and some more for Chelsea, intact. Sadly, all that has quickly dissipated into the atmosphere. I am now clubless and currently undergoing some therapy sessions to heal the damage that Chelsea FC’s lacklustre performance has unleashed on me in 2015. How come this is listed as fabulous? Simple! I no longer watch football and my days are now spent researching climate change and mitigation techniques instead. Seriously!

  • Restructuring and some more in the workplace:

It is no longer news that the wind of change happened in our political space. It struck and struck really hard. I’m glad that my workplace got a slice of the anticipated change and that the restructuring has since been unveiled and embraced. With new assignments and brand new colleagues I am thankful that my passion for forging connections between the environment and communication has finally gotten a chance to express itself.

  • Nigeria Leadership Initiative and Shooting an Elephant:

I was selected, out of over a thousand people, to participate in the 2015 Future Leaders Seminar of the Nigeria Leadership Initiative. It gave me the opportunity to join 26 other highly motivated and high achieving peers who were uniquely qualified to influence and lead the future development of Nigeria. I got to learn more on how or how not to shoot an elephant. The best part for me was meeting some brilliant individuals that helped shape my thoughts in my personal life.

  • Tales from Coventry University and West Midlands:

I recently took a gap year to study for a B.Sc. in Environmental Management in Coventry University, United Kingdom. This was informed by a desire to have the requisite knowledge to champion actions that would address the impact of climate change in Nigeria. This went well and I have since moved back to Nigeria with cherished learning memories.


  • Blogging my way back to Banana Island:

I have started blogging again. Very few folks know that I took a break from active blogging for the past three years. I’ve had so many experiences since then and the journey has been exciting. Now I am a personal experience blogger and I am loving it. Do join me in my personal journey bon www.blossomozurumba.com. Who knows, I may find my way to Banana Island. Never say never!

  • Kindness beyond measure:

I am all emotional typing this right now. In 2015, I received so much kindness beyond measure. It all started in May 2015. I got gifted a rental that saw me stay in a furnished apartment for about 45 days. I had lived in Abuja since 2008 and this came as a huge delight. As if that was not enough, when I had to bring my children back to town, I got a serviced apartment at a ridiculously low cost. Wait for it! I did not have money to pay the requisite rent and I was forthright with the Landlord. To cut the long story short, I moved in and it took me about three months to pay up.

  • Going back to Church:

I had taken leave from church and all but the latter part of 2015 has seen me make a resolve to go back, fully. I needed to move away from the entire tangle of religion and discover God for myself and by myself. This worked and I am thankful for the opportunity to come back renewed and energized.

  • Discovering Date palm:

I will be 34 on December 26 and I find it quite annoying that I have no addictions. 🙂 Well, that was in the past. I am currently in a sizzling relationship with Date palm and I have no plans to check into a rehab. This stuff is made for champions and I wonder why I had earlier overlooked all this goodness.

  • Digital Media Development Initiative and the next steps:

In 2014 while taking an academic leave from my day job, I founded Digital Media Development Initiative, an NGO focused on advancing use of digital media for sustainable development. That was pretty much where is stopped. Serendipity came calling and I met an inspiring individual that shared my excitement for the future of Digital Media Development Initiative. We went into a partnership and will be launching out with a loud bang on January 1, 2016.

  • Parenting and learning on the job:

I have redoubled my efforts to make time to craft joyous moments with my children. Little things like enjoying the early morning drive to school with the children strapped comfortably in their seat belts while I take the wheel, give me a heavenly experience. We practically go everywhere together. It is a crime for them not to question anything and everything. I encourage them to always ask questions and I am currently improving myself to ensure that I am able to provide responses that make sense.

*Those are my 10 fabulous thanksgiving moments. Totally looking forward to take 2016. Totally excited at the opportunities that only grace and mercy will unveil. Join me to celebrate. It was a joyous year and I am thankful.



I enjoyed getting lost reading this. You had a really fabulous year and we are glad to get to meet you here.

Join us tomorrow at 9 am, peoples! Goodnight.

Blossom Ozurumba

Blossom is writer, compère, poet, creative soul, energy research fellow and an Igbo language and culture enthusiast. She has a day job at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation where she provides technical advisory on media and strategic communication to the Honorable Minister of State for Petroleum Resources.


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