2014 has been nothing short of amazing, and in the words of our infamous Athlete, “I never esperred it”.

On the 31st  of December when I went to church with my mum brother and (then) boyfriend, my mum said there would be something special about this year and as I prayed over my goals I truly believed it.

If I was only looking at my goals for this year then this year was good, I checked off almost everything, if I look beyond my goals though… Wow.

When I showed my mum my goals for the year her eyes zeroed in on one of them “Get married? But why? Nobody is rushing you oh, you’re only 24” – not quite what I was expecting.

“I feel ready, we feel ready, we’re hoping that by the end of the year you’ll be ready with us too” to which she replied with a sigh “Hmmmm”

“Besides, I’ll be 25 then” I grinned.

In February, I went on an amazing road trip within Nigeria and it rejuvenated me in body, mind and spirit. I needed it more than I could have imagined. It gave me so much clarity that when I returned I began to sing the marriage song again, this time to my dad. He wasn’t hearing it.

Him: Why now?

Me: Why not?

And back and forth we went. I let it rest for a few months.

One of my other goals was to move up in my career but I really couldn’t see a way how. I couldn’t find any courses that I could afford, nor could I even see a way to pitch myself for a promotion. Then in June a position opened up at work. I hadn’t updated my C.V. in three years and as soon as I began to write it I knew that I deserved this new position. With shaky hands and a prayer on my lips I applied on a Friday. On Monday I got called in for the interview, and in an hour I got the job (to resume in September). I honestly couldn’t believe it. All I could say (and I have been saying this year) was “Look at God”.

Also on my goals list was to “buy a car”. Now I had done the math, and based on how much I was earning and my expenses, I would have been able to afford the car I wanted in maybe 2016 lol. I wrote it down and prayed about it anyway. And in July bam! an offer too good to refuse; and with some help from my amazing Mom, I got the car.

Meanwhile I had warmed my mum up to the idea of getting married and slowly she had warmed my dad up.  He had agreed – to an introduction – and in July both families met and spoke. I finally felt like the last piece was falling into place.

In August I turned 25 and I hosted my friends to a disco at mine. I don’t think I had ever felt so surrounded by love.

In September I started my new position, head-first learning on the job and boy, was it a challenge but I somehow always managed to come out on top. In September as well my brother heard he had gotten into Uni, for Law, exactly what he wanted. We were so happy. What a year so far.

In October my sister-friend (first of the bunch) got married and my heart couldn’t have been fuller. We celebrated and prayed and prayed some more.

And finally November came. Our November. The November we wanted to get married. I could write a book on all that happened prior but all that matters in the end is that we did it. November 15th, exactly 3 years since we started dating we got married in the most intimate ceremony, surrounded by a few family and friends.

It’s still all so surreal. The year isn’t over but wow! 25 you have been good to me.

Thank you Jesus, words wont ever be enough. My amazing husband Oyekola, I love you over and over and over.  To all the people who made this year the happiest yet, I can only hope I bring as much joy to your lives- I wanted to write a list but it became way too long; I am so rich in friends. My chosen family. Thank you Jesus, this year you’ve changed everything.

To everyone reading this, Look at God.


We’re looking, sister, we’re looking!!!! Reading this warmed my heart. And that Sabirah and her husband up there in the photo yo!! We wish you both happiness in your new life together. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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