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January 2017

This year began with bad news. Someone I trusted betrayed me and because I always saw myself as someone who always knows it all, it was quite a curve ball. I took up a paid internship at an internet service provider. This job literally almost killed me, like I was visibly losing weight. I left and got an unpaid internship at a multinational. Everything was calm, then I had to go for NYSC camp, LMAO.

I remember walking into work and seeing my line manager smiling over his laptop, he had opened the NYSC portal and the entire cubicle was waiting. I put in my details and Gombe came up, mad. Unfortunately for my enemies, Gombe Lawanti ‘International’ Airport was an actual thing.

My mother panicked endlessly and raised hell but I was calm, I’ve always wanted to go to the far north, this way I wouldn’t have to explain to my village people why I was mad.

I landed in the GMO and it was like a scene from Mad Max, dry air, dry everything, just miles and miles of land and army checkpoints.

Camp was mad thrill, I met a guy that was in my department for 5 years and I didn’t know him till we met in camp. I learnt so much from so many people in camp, I had gone to boarding schools all my life so adapting was calm.

For some reason, everyone totally abandoned my real name and started  calling me the Big Mekus.

I saw real poverty in 3D, kids just milling around en masse begging. Men just sitting around doing nothing. Like I had this young man who was helping me do my laundry in camp, he could barely express himself in English, like legit couldn’t make any sense in English, we had to communicate with sign language alot. Plot twist, he was preparing for WAEC!!!

I got scared because we feel it’s all fine and dandy in our Lagos and Abuja hubs but these out of school kids in the hinterlands are going to grow up to no future and no jobs. Then they are going to come and eat us. Be advised.

Time to go, Arik refused to come back and pick us from Gombe, 1 week of waiting stretched into 2 weeks, allawee was already ghost. Luckily I made a friend in camp that accommodated me in Gombe. After waiting a few more days, I decided to make a road trip down to Jos then take the plane from there, again Arik was like LMAO. I ended up touring Jos and my God it was absolutely beautiful. I still plan to do a proper trip when I get my money up. I ended up taking another road trip to Abuja then to Lagos.


March, 2017

March saw me go back to my internship at the multinational, I had worked my posting and redeployment there. I was broke, so I basically spent the next few months in a blur of work and hiding my face. I met the most amazing people at CDS and they made me take a trip to Tarkwa Bay that would have been a logistical clusterfuck for just me.



July, 2017

All the while I was serving, I was also furiously job hunting. Due to some dodgy decision-making back in uni, my result was sketchy as hell. I’m pretty sure my CV wasn’t even passing the filters, but I didn’t relent.

I had a certification exam I had postponed for 5 years, so I began actively studying for it again.

I brought my baby brother to Lagos for the summer and he absolutely had a blast. Highlight of my year.


October, 2017

Time to write the exam came, I started panicking. I had legit forgotten the last time I did well in an exam so I was very afraid. The exam came and I aced it!! I aced it so much that the Nigerian mummy that was the proctor at the centre was singing praise and worship, also made me take a picture for their hall of fame-ish. So if you see me on a wall in Ojuelegba, rock on!!!

Riding this wave, I immediately started studying for a higher certification, I had picked up an interest in cyber security so I decided to write the first stage of the qualifying exam.


December, 2017

NYSC was about to end, I was going to be jobless and an unpaid internship was no longer an option simply because money is really cool. I was panicking so much but I prayed and told God that I didn’t want to be idle post NYSC.

One week to my POP, I snagged an interview. I got the job offer the next day. When I asked the HR lady why they chose me, she said I showed an uncommon hunger. LMAO.

The next week was POP, I got another interview, I had to write an exam in Ojuelegba and attend an interview at Opebi, all this during peak fuel scarcity.

The day before I had walked from Ajah to Chevron just to catch the staff bus. By some extraordinary magic, I did everything I had to do. I aced my exams again and I also aced the interview and got invited to the second stage.

From being jobless and broke, I’m now a Cyber security analyst with interviews to spare. I’m mad grateful to God. This year was a rollercoaster but yo, God came through in Raheem Sterling fashion.

Cheers to the new year, I plan to just ride the wave on this one, no plans.

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