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I don’t know where to start from or how to gather my thoughts and write something reasonable.

2017 started with me being wheeled into the emergency ward of the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital. This was after two hospitals couldn’t do anything to help my case. I stayed there for a week or so and I was discharged. That was the end, or so I thought. But let me talk about other things first.



I started 2017 unemployed and I’m ending on the same note. Turned down some offers because they weren’t working for me; I couldn’t pursue some opportunities because I was really just trying to survive. I stopped going out because I was tired of answering the “what are you doing these days?” question. On some days, it was really hard seeing your younger ones already flourishing in their respective careers. On a lighter note though, I found clarity of purpose in the last quarter regarding my career choice. For some years now, I’d been floundering because I knew I was done with Accounting/Auditing as a career but I didn’t know the next step to take.



This year I was just trying to live. My health issues were really bad this year, in and out of hospitals. Right now, I really just need a new stomach. At a point, I became ashamed of relating my health problems to people, friends and family especially because really, am I the only one? Many of them became confused and ended up saying the wrongest things so I really just avoided most people. Apologies to my twitter fam too because I’m very sure at some point they were tired of my “please pray for me” tweets.



Big mess. First year ever in a long time where I didn’t buy an article of clothing; all the money coming in was for my drugs and my expensive diet. My friends were the best, all I had to do was ask and somehow I got. Also, the mother was swindled back to back this year so yeah, it’s been crazy.



Alliance Fran├žaise was the plan but how does a sick person assimilate a foreign language? Well, in 2018 I intend to face it squarely (please who has connects with the French Ambassador? Maybe I can get a scholarship offer from him.) I finally started a Coursera course I love but finishing it now is the issue, deadline is 31st and I have been ill. Sigh.



Really, is it not someone with money that should be falling in love? My married friends didn’t get that memo and so have been matchmaking up and down, I tire. My life is a mess for me, why do I bring another person into the mess? Meanwhile, my mother is somehow expecting grandchildren, I don’t understand.

However, I loved hard this year. I sucked my issues in and went out to be that ray of sunshine, always smiling and looking out for others and like my French people say, je ne regrete rien. I volunteered a lot this year and it has been a fulfilling experience.



Still didn’t finish the Bible this year, sigh. Did this amazing Bible study (Holman Bible Study) but I somehow never went past the first month. I became closer to The Holy Spirit . I interceded for my friends more than I prayed for myself and it was great to tick off requests because God came through for them.



I made the best friends from that site this year, I don’t know how but I must have done something right. People raising prayer chains for someone they’ve not met? Assisting financially? Constant check ups and encouragement? Nah, I am blessed.


I don’t know if this review made sense, you people should just take it like that abeg.


Rating 2017 on a scale of 10, gonna be a solid 7. Lol, you are shocked at my rating? Well, I am deciding to focus on the ups and leave the downs for my village people.


I have a lot of unanswered prayer requests but I am immensely grateful. You see this God, He is the best, man.


2018, one in which He has promised that affliction shall not rise again. So I lift up my hands in Hallelujah because the tides have since turned in my favour.


P.S. Thank you Ash for everything. For always ensuring I gave you the true answer to “how are you?” I love you now and always.

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